I went for a hack and I saw


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Apr 25, 2003
Two seagulls and a rude penguin. given how far we are from the sea, Buddy was very intent on giving them a good look over. the penguin was a walker in black and white, who walked with her feet turned out just like a penguin. Plugged into her Walkman and oblivious to everything, she almost walked into us, silly woman, with a bit of luck she managed to get run over.
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Nov 11, 2018
Not a hack, but these 4 are in the field opposite ours. It always tickles me to look at the different colours. The one on the right is what made me look for a cob - I love her. Also saw 3 more rabbits. Screenshot_20200323-192655_Gallery.jpg
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Nov 11, 2018
Not hacking, but driving out my road from home this morning, on a quiet road on an estate, a poor dead badger. Obviously hit by a car last night. Must have been going at speed, he wasn't run over, unmarked, so obviously hit hard. :( (30 mph limit) I really think the roads are more dangerous now - people are driving like lunatics because the roads are so clear. I've been doing 55 on the bypass, and passed by idiots who must have been doing 70 or more - on a road that you can't normally overtake on.
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May 18, 2009
Our hack are becoming more and more unpleasant these days to be honest.
Today’s hack we had to turn around back up the hill because there was a massive concrete lorry coming up the lane, our lanes are single track for the most part and no passing places so we had no choice but to turn around, after that had gone we started off back down the hill only to get a tractor speeding up behind us, so we carried on for a few minutes until we could duck into a driveway, set off again to be met literally two minutes later by another bloody tractor coming towards us, turn again back up the lane to the driveway, Belle was good as gold but I was starting to get a bit peed off by this point, anyway turned back round again and off back down the hill to the ford, halfway through the ford, Belle is very careful when the ford is very deep and was taking her time, along comes another massive truck with a digger thing on its trailer back, he must have seen us but he wasn’t stopping to let us through oh no, yet again we turned around and back off up to the same driveway we’d used twice already, by this point I gave up and we headed home.
Bloomin HS2 has a lot to answer for, not content with felling ancient woodland and destroying natural habitat they are totally stuffing up our hacking too now, during the week we have no choice but to go this way as this lane leads to most of our hacking, our other routes are in useable in the week as 60 mph roads that are way to busy for my liking in the week.
So no more beautiful birds for me to see only machinery and vehicles these days. ?


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Mar 15, 2008
Since October it's been quieter. It will gradually get busy again and I will go with the flow rather than land in the middle of it.

I am feeling better now I have five routes I can do on our own, but other than that I want company for the others simply because I won't remember my way back!
I am on roads now that traffic can pass, with the odd lane.
Mainly ruddy camper vans though!
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