I hope you don't die on Sunday


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Apr 25, 2003

You poor old horse, sent to a shit horse auction on 9th January. You look so hopeful with your rug on still trusting people. Unfortunately the sale you have been dumped at - in Australia otherwise i would put in a bid for you and bring you home - is notorious for doggers. They sell on a Friday and you die on Sunday when they process what they picked up. Last month they paid $200 for a 2 year old pure arab stallion who still haunts me, possibly one of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen.

I have shared you to every group that i can think of in the hope that someone out there knows someone in Australia who will go and bid for you. God knows what the rug is hiding, are you just skin and bone under there. No hay, no water as you wait patiently, with a kind eye, hoping that people will be good. They often aren't.

I hope when I look tomorrow to find out what happened to you that it is good news - and that some of your poor friends also get lucky.

As for your owner, I hope they rot in hell. It costs a few cents for a bullet, couldn't you have done the decent thing?


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
That's awful that they don't get hay or water. They must be ill by the time the sale starts. How very cruel. I wish there was something I could do. It's made me cry it's so dam sad.


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Nov 11, 2018
I just have to shut my mind at these sad haunting stories - otherwise I don't sleep. The horses, dogs, cats, rabbits that can't escape this kind of cruelty just tear me apart. I sincerely hope our species is the first to go from this planet - humans are the pits. It's so disappointing that the bad do so much harm, while the good are trying to empty the sea of cruelty with a thimble.
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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
I don’t like cruelty, and sales are always on the line but this doesn’t look horrific from the pictures, in the first pic of the horse with the rug you can see a water container behind it, the pally has hay behind him, yes there’s mud but honestly my field isn’t much better, the pens seem to be safe/secure/not overcrowded...I’ve definitely seen worse.
Horses have always been sold for dog meat, it’s sad for sure but better than a difficult horse living a long life of beatings and abuse.
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Apr 25, 2003
She got lucky, some kind person paid $2000 for her so way above the meat price. The little pally was unlucky, sold to another dealer. He was sold privately for $1000 by Brisbane Rehoming after they pulled him out of the sales and the new owner sent him back to the sale after having him ONE WEEK. So he is just on the downward spiral till he finally goes for meat as he will just get worse and worse. Some of the pens had 3 or 4 horses in them, all crammed together, and pregnant mares.

The doggers in Australia some of the plants are extremely poor, handling is attrocious and they travel long distances. All loose no compartments in transport. Some of the pregnant mares were lucky and got picked up privately, most of the meat ones were tbs and trotters. Surprisingly the two yearling colts managed to find a private home as i would have said they were hopeless.

Anyway she got lucky! 134965939_764099880854100_8600966120971145968_o (1).jpg
This one is one of the many which the RSPCA should have seized but turned a blind eye to. They are kept at the back of the sales, this one was destined to go straight to the doggers, but someone stepped in and bought him. Got him home, his teeth are dreadful, this was once a nice horse. Shameful that the auctioneers turned a blind eye to this, and the others that were like that. He got lucky. The rest were rubber stamped for slaughter. No owners prosecuted.
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