I am finding it hard to bond


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Sep 24, 2008
The Muckheap =D

My Appaloosa, a lovely fellow is really nervous. I am quiet with him and I stroke him and talk to him when I have tied him up to groom. But he keeps stamping and yanking the rope. I bring Boogie up to the yard with him. As soon as I get on he is fine, he'll be caught without a problem, etc. He is a gorgeous guy but its this scary rearing, stamping thing he does. He stamped on my foot last week.

One explanation I have thought of is that he was gelded late. But I know some other horses who are fine even if they were gelded late too. What is wrong with him? Please help. Any suggestions or advice to how I can tackle this pogo stick horse?

He is fed on pasture mix, Alfa-A, garlic, Farrier Formula and Vinegar.


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I have not experienced rearing before so no advise on that but Have you introduced ground manners with him, i have the Kelly Marks book 'how to behave so your horse does too' and it is wonderful. I have referred it many times with Porsha only being over the age of two.

All i can suggest is doing some ground training in the school, backing up,moving over,halting,walking, not invading your space, with only the smallest request from you. You may have to ask a little more to begin with by more pressure on but hopefully hardly anything once you have become a partnership.

Sorry if you have already passed this stage with him, but i find if me and Porsha come across something she protests to, just requesting more ground manners seems to help us work as a team more and she trusts me more then:D to overcome the issue.


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Is he yanking and stamping while tied? Porsha used to do this, usually because she was bored and didnt want to stand there, and was never tied from a foal, I gave her one of those round salt blocks tied up, and maybe throw some hay on the floor, to keep them busy;) and now she is happy to stand tied.


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Sep 24, 2008
The Muckheap =D
Yes but he does it as soon as I tie him up. Instantly. Its like a reflex- as soon as the rope is tied, he starts this dancing that he does. He is really frightening to be around or near when he does this and especially as he is a big horse. He soen't do it anywhere else, like at shows or Pony Club, just in my yard that he is definitely familiar to.


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Sep 24, 2008
The Muckheap =D
I have tried giving him swedes tied to the wall which he demolishes, but as soon as that is gone he starts again. Boogie just stands next to him and looks at him with an expression that says "Honestly, keep your hair on"!:D


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The other horses used to look at Porsha that way too:D

What i first did with her when i realised she wasnt happy being tied was,

take her to out side her stable, where she gets tied

and just stood with her and fed her a few carrots

Then took her back to her field

Then progressed to tying her up and feeding the odd carrot while i busied around her grooming etc

And by then after a week i could just tie her up without protest while she licked her salt block or munched her hay, and also those lick tubs are good to occupy them. And ground manner training,

It is scary when they swing about, i get worried they will hurt themselves too.

I think its down to being patient with them and teaching them that things can be fun and rewarding, Even the boring things like being tied up, I think you two have a bond as he likes to come in from the field with you, and you have just come across one of those little outbursts along the way.

Safety wise, wear a hat while grooming him!:)


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Oct 11, 2008
darn unda
I've just come accross this thread and wondered how things were going Barrel? Did it all work out/any improvement?
I have a late gelded lad too and you just described him. Stomps and shoves. We're learning manners little and often but it's hard and can be scary. I usually wait for a day with OH as two against one is much easier.

Update would be nice...
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