how much weight can a 16hh thoroughbred x id horse carry ?


Jun 9, 2006
A riding school I went to have a 16.2hh IdxTB and his max weight is 20 stone ..... my auntie has a 17hh IdxTb and you wouldn't put more than 14st on him as he has quite a long back and is more tb than id, so I guess as Shandy says it depends on the horse :D

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Mar 8, 2008
I have a 16.2hh TBxID, fit, well muscled, good conformation. She was ridden for 20 mins by a 15 stone rider the other day and was really moody when saddled the following day, so I'd err on the side of caution.


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Sep 4, 2008
Using a weigh tape - weigh your horse in kilograms. Times this number by 2.2 to convert into pounds. For example: 17hh weighing 750kg = 1650lbs divide this by 6 - a horse should only carry a sixth of its weight - 1650/6 = 275lbs. Divide this by 14 (convert into stones and pounds) = 19 stone 6 ish.

It also all depends on type, ie a shire/draught/clydesdale are bigger boned and probably more able than the likes of thoroughbred types.


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Feb 28, 2008
mine (16hh IDxTB) has good conformation, well muscled and is fit.
She can only take 12stone max (as advised by back lady and saddler) though because of having a previously bad fitting saddle and she's still in recovery so really depends on horses's history etc.

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Jan 12, 2008
I would also take the riders ability into consideration as a beginner bouncing about would i believe be more stressful on joints etc than someone of the same weight who is more balanced.

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Sep 10, 2007
I have an 8yo 17h idxtb and I wouldn't be happy for anyone more than 12 stone riding him for any length of time. Whilst I would say he was a m/w (lighter end) he isn't as broad and doesnt have as much bone as others of the same type. And he is cold backed.


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Sep 18, 2008

Id say it depends on the AGE, the physical condition, the build (long/short back, long/short cannons, light/mid/heavy weight and whether it has any skeletal deformities, such as severe cow-hocked etc) and definately HOW MUCH BONE the horse has! Also, Id take into consideration how long the horse is going to be carrying a heavy rider, what work he will be doing with a heavy rider, and also the balance on the heavy rider!

However, there is (apparently) a formular that measures the amount of bone a horse has, and times' it by something, (or inverts it, or does something with it), and gives you a guidline as to how much weight the horse is comfortable carrying. But I dont know it, lol - try looking on net!

My 16.1hh IDxTB has a good 10 inch bone, short cannons, but a fairly long back. Hes 4, but not ridden all that much - both me, and the other lady who occasionally rides are both 5'10, but are both around he carries us no problem! He also has no problem carrying my husband who is 6'2" and around 14st...but hes only ridden him 3x....and for about 10 mins at a walk...but given my horse is well built, and has good structure, I'd say give him another 2 years, and Ill get my husband to do XC on him, lol...needless to say my horse has no quams about carrying a 3 yo and a 5 yo, lol.

Seriously though, if your horse has good solid bone, and is above 6 years old, then Id guess that it could quite happily carry 12-14st....dunno about jumping and strenuous activities though - but Im no expert! can you ask a vet/back specialist?

Can you post a pic of your horse (include legs), and tell us its age, and how much its done? people might be able to get a better idea from that!
Ashlea x
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Apr 5, 2007
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I can't speak for your horse, but my friend is a MFH. His main horse hunts every week, throughout the season, plus he does a bit of SJ'ing and general hacking around. Its a IDxTB, 17hh, and my friend is a shade over 16.5 stone.

As someone said the other day, if a full TB can carry at least 12stone of grown man twice round the Grand National course, a decent ID xTB can carry a pretty big man on a quiet hack or two. My ID x TB would happily carry 17 or 18 stone on a quiet hack.

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Apr 14, 2008
My friend who is 18st rode my 16.2 ISH on a half hour hack- he coped fine, (although a little confused as he`s used to 9 st on board:)), she was a novice but looked absolutely fine on him, she`s had a lot of unneccessary comments on her weight:mad:, and this boosted her confidence no end:)
Harry is 11 by the way
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