How do I ask for another instructor at the same yard



My private instructor is very low energy and not into the lesson. At first, her feedback was frequent and good but now she's slacked off and I'm not seeing much improvement. In group lessons at another barn, I do see progress.

She has hinted that the private lessons aren't worth her time and one time when she cancelled, I got a great lesson from another instructor. This woman was older, intimidating, but she gave me simple things to try where I saw small but immediate improvement. She was also very high energy which was motivating.

I don't want to switch instructors too quickly because I could be the problem but I'd really like to take lessons with this older instructor. How would you handle?

The only alternative is to pick up a private lesson at the yard where I take group lessons. Perhaps its better to keep everything at one barn but I really like this older instructor.


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May 19, 2009
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When do you rebook your lesson? Do you do this directly after the lesson you have just had? I would probably just call back to rebook, at a time when your current instructor is not going to answer the phone, and just ask for the older instructor you like.

You mentioned that the current instructor has made you feel like it is not worth her while to teach you so she probably won't ask why you have changed. If she does, just politely say that you had a lesson with the other instructor and felt that she suited your riding style bette.

Good luck!



Dec 12, 2008
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This can potentially be a tricky situation. I had a similar problem to you. For a while after I changed instructors I felt guilty that I was letting my original instructor down. It didn't help that my original instructor was obviously unhappy that I had switched from using her. However, ultimately instruction is not cheap, and I felt that I should make a decision that was best for me, rather than settling for instruction I wasn't happy with. I am glad that I stuck with my decision as I have made a lot more progress with my new instructor. It can be hard, but may be worth it in the long run to make the change.


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Apr 16, 2009
Oh poor you. I hate to sound harsh as I am the biggest softie in the world. But you know in your heart what you have to do. Ditch your current RI.

Owning a horse is expensive at the best of times with out paying for a RI that you and your horse are not getting anything out of.

Change RI's if she asks why, tell her and be honest (if you can be) You are loosing sleep over this I bet she isn't.

To many people stay with an RI for the wrong reasons. At the end of the day you pay them. It's not school they don't get free rein to yell, intimidate, or scare you. There should be equal respect. You are paying for a service. Would you stay with a hairdresses if she constantly cut you hair badly!

Be brave. x


OwnerbyChanter said:
At the end of the day you pay them. It's not school they don't get free rein to yell, intimidate, or scare you. There should be equal respect.

She doesn't yell or scare me; rather it seems she's given up. :confused: She rarely comments, when she does, its not very helpful. She doesn't feel the need to come out of the lesson with some small improvement. I would have expected that from the substitute instructors but they were just the opposite - they were focused on trying to make a difference in the lesson.


With out my boys life would be bland
Apr 16, 2009
You have answered your own question. You should always come out of a lesson having learn't, improved on or successed in something. A lesson is about you and your horse.

You sound like me. I need feedback to know where I am heading even after a lesson that is not that good my RI always focuses on something in the lesson that went well.

I do hope you sort it out and get what is right for you. Keep us informed


Thanks for the ideas. :) I've also been told in this and another forum that I'm not doing myself any favours by splitting lessons between two riding yards so I signed up for a lesson with an instructor at the yard where I take group lessons. She's not the same as my group instructor but several ladies in my group also take with her and recommend her highly.

These places want to funnel you into the group lessons and the private instructor who I'm having problems with knows I'm not interested in a group lesson at her place.
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