Horses, having time and not comprising their care


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Feb 3, 2007
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I have been thinking about this for a while and it was something that my dad mentioned a few months ago which was pretty much Sox takes up a lot of my time. Which I know he does. I like caring for him; doing the day to day things etc. However I see where my dad is coming from. Its a bit up in the air but their is a guy on the scene who totally gets that sox is my ...hobby/ lifestyle etc.

And as much as I love that horse to bits and I love looking after him ( currently not in work) I almost think I do spend a lot of time at the yard, but at the same time I don't like rushing around. I guess I would need to be organised. But its like when I am on shifts I am at the yard at.. half 5 in the morning, do my shift and go back to see sox at 8pm. Not getting home til 9pm. It is long day and I totally get he is my choice. One of the girls at the yard, who I have previously had disagreements said that I can do the mornings and she would do the evenings. I turn out/ feed she brings in etc. However sox is barefoot and wears boots for turnout and due to his immune disease he wear boots on his legs to and I woudn't expect the girl on the night to take all of his boots off really, also his legs swell if he is in so I have been putting bandages on on a night which help but again I would expect her to do this.... I cant really do the evenings and she cant really do mornings.. Also the yard isn't.. like a 2 mins walk away its a 15 mins drive/14 miles to do one round trip...

Guess I am just ranting slightly...


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Apr 16, 2009
I always say its a life style choice not a hobby. Chanter is a field ornament now but he takes a fair bit of my time still as he come sin daily for a groom and cuddle before I groom and ride Ginger.

Yes they are hard work and I will not reply on anyone else to bring in turn out etc. I ask for the odd feed to be out in their field but that's pretty much it.

I like you work 0730 - 1730 5 days a week and yes its a long day morning and evening but I wouldn't change it. My OH knew this when we meet he also knew that yes I would comprise but not to the detriment of my ponies care.


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Oct 13, 2004
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Rant away......but don't worry about you dad's comment, he is just most likely either making comment lightly and doesn't really mean anything by it, or maybe he just does think you spend a lot of time there. Either way it's your choice and your hobby. What would YOU rather be doing????? If you enjoy your time there then don't fuss. Just enjoy him - I know he is high maintenance, but then again, to look after a retired one as obc points out, that takes commitment too.
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