Horse world can be cruel at times...


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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
So today has been a good day though there is something that I guess has continued over the last week that... Is getting to me I guess.

Someone one on the yard used to have a TB and we shared the duties as this TB was turned out with sox. This horse was lovely, loved life, tried his hardest all the time though was a cheeky boy and I had a soft spot for him. He had a few medical issues, KS and bad hocks from racing which really played up if he was in for 24/48 hours He did have vet treatment for these issues too. Due to this he wasn't worked that much and when he was very full of it and the owner lost confidence. I had a quick sit on him, trot and canter once and you could tell his back was fused or there was something not right and behind he wasn't 100% either. He was sold... about 8 months ago. I take my hat off to that owner, she was very open and completely honest about his medical issues. I found out that Tuesday he is back on the our yard but is up sale. I did a bit of digging and found his possibly advert on a website stating he was good to hack, jump, box shoe. Only for still due to the owner having an op and open to offers. Messaged them out of interest really and got an email today telling me the avert had been taken down. Came to the yard tonight to see if I could say hi. Turns out his name has been changed by the present owner and he was sold last night :(

I know I cant do anything and I wouldn't as I have sox. But I feel so so much for this poor boy. He just wants to please and that's the thing. He will try until the pain get too much and he will then say no more! But I worry where or what state he will end up in. Will he be at sales and like a hatt rack? Or will he just spend his life being passed from pillar to post? :(

Apparently the owner he had him before he was sold last night had said apparently he never had KS and it was two slipped discs. I can certainly vouch for the issues with his hocks, he was very still if he was in a full day :( But sounds like she is a lying b*tch to be fair:mad:. I just hope he has a good home and hope it will be a home for life. But deep down I know he could well spent his life passed from one home to another.

Then I think about sox and how bloody lucky he is. I would never sell him anyway due to his issues. But he is one of the lucky ones who wont be passed from pillar to post. I pray that this new home is a forever home but sadly I aren't holding my breathe.

The horse world can be so cruel at times :(

Flipo's Mum

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Aug 17, 2009
Perthshire, Scotland
Oh what a bloody shame for the horse. I hope there are enough of us horse owner types who will realise the issues and take responsibility for the poor boy.
I too don't think flipo would have faired very well if he'd not come to me. I'm not the best horse owner, but he's got my heart and I will do what I can for him and his quirky behavioural issues, his feet problems, stiffness in his back legs and general flatulence situation.


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Oct 13, 2004
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It is so unkind at times I agree. I am glad that we had the pleasure of owning J despite his problems and the poetic licence under which he was sold to us:rolleyes: others are not so lucky. Tis the way of the world sometimes. I hope that the lad you are talking about finds a forever home with someone responsible.

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May 2, 2007
There are some situations that we have no control over.
I went to see a horse last year which was for sale. I took one look at the state of the tiny paddock that 3 horses were being kept in. This paddock was no bigger than a manage. Knee deep in mud, not a blade of grass anywhere. I could have bought the horse there and then just to get it out of there. I had to walk away. I couldn't even hold the horse he was so fired up/ he was dangerous. I knew with my situation I couldn't take it on. I hope the horse has now found a forever home. I did find out that the owners had also been done for neglect previously. Some people are just very cruel.


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Feb 8, 2012
That's so sad.

People always just thinking of themselves and not others and I'm including animals in the others.

Fingers crossed he's found one of the good ones who will care for him as he needs.
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