Horse flies


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Jan 6, 2006
The blasted things were out in force today, they were swarming round us for nearly the whole ride. Good fly repellent meant not that many of them landed to bite, but they were flying around and bothering the horses. The first couple of times I moved to squash ones I could reach Luka was quite jumpy, but he soon got the idea and stopped jumping or flinching when I moved - he's not daft.

Given how many were around both horses were remarkably well behaved, I've known horses that would have been turning themselves inside out.
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Jan 6, 2006
He was so good, He was far more bothered about loads of teenagers walking on the lane with massive rucksacks, I can only think there was some Duke of Edinburgh Award or similar thing on, it took a few groups before he believed they hadn't got monsters attacking them from behind šŸ¤£ . He's certainly proving to be a very honest horse to hack, though he does need a rider not a passenger.
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