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Jul 8, 2000
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I am looking to purchase a horse at the moment and it has 'sand cracks' and is currently wearing hind plates on the front. I could barely see the cracks as the owner assured me they are nearly gone and will have front plates put on next time. Can someone tell me what this is, will it reoccur, treatment etc


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Apr 16, 2000
Sand cracks are cracks which start from ground level and work up. If the crack starts at the top of the hoof and goes down it is more serious.

You need to have regular trimming for unshod feet and be sensible about getting the shoes on a shod horse changed regularly, don't be tempted to leave them for a couple of extra weeks even if the shoes are not worn.

It is not a serious complaint, but you will need to keep the feet damp in dry conditions, stand in water,but using hoof ointment will make the feet spongy and they will still crack.
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