Highalnd Rocky paid a visit to the Library today!!


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Mar 19, 2007
Rocky and I were out on a lovely solo stubble hack this afternoon - we had a few lovely trots through the stubble which is a big deal for me to do solo:dance::dance:

Just on our way home we noticed that the mobile library had turned up and was sat ouside the neighbours house so we went and paid it a visit:bounce: Lorry had taken up much of the lane so it was a tight squeeze to get by and it was rocking in the wind too!!

Was he bothered?? Not a jot - just walked by no bother even when the lady who drives it popped her head out of the window to say hello:biggrin: She ended up coming out of the lorry and giving him a treat that I had in my pocket - what a star he is:dance:

Rocky said that next time he needs to check out whether they have a "how to train your human" book just for horses!:giggle:


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Sep 14, 2009
Oh, bless him.

Brave you, I should love to do solo hacks, however, after lovely confidence day, am sure to be able to ................ hopefully!!!


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Mar 19, 2007
Oh, bless him

Brave you, I should love to do solo hacks, however, after lovely confidence day, am sure to be able to ................ hopefully!!!

SJP1 - believe me, it's taken me quite a while to get back to this level.... I still have that odd feeling in my tummy some days - but it's getting better but I know it wont take much for me to be sat rocking in the corner again!

I'm lucky enough to have a fab RI and of course, Highland Rocky - they broke the mould when they made that horse!

Good luck on your confidence day:biggrin:
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