Hero and Charlie update.. warning lots of pics!

Befnee's Hero

Jul 1, 2009
Well, I haven't really posted much on here recently, and definately haven't updated for a long time so thought I would show you all what we have been up to! Hero and Charlie have been out and about having fun!!

My birthday was in August, and we took Hero and Charlie with us to the beach for a day. First time with the TB's on the beach.. first time I have ever let Hero gallop properly - never dared before as he is suuuupppperrr fast and there's never really enough room (to stop!) Well... all I can say is OH..MY..GOD! how he wasn't fast enough to race I will never know!!!!

Had a lovely day My Dad and family came down with us to walk theirs and our dogs at the same time (and be unofficial photographers of the day :wink: hehe!! So here we are.. has to be one of my best birthdays ever - was soo hot and brilliant sunshine (the only day that week it didn't rain!!)..

Having a bit of a rest!

Charlie star gazing..

Hero grinning :)

Warming up

Charlie having a gallop..

Hero having a play..

Posing again..

So then the weekend after we took Hero and Charlie to my OH's first show!! - Very exciting times (bless he was very nervous - even though I told him no pressure we were only going to do a few clear rounds and chill) I plaited Charlie up for him to make the day extra special for him. (wanted him to have the best experience!) Well it was lovely - another brilliant day for weather. OH and Charlie came home with two clear rounds (his first rossette ever!! I have never seen a happier grown man!!!) Hero and me did not get any clears (despite 3 attempts). I blame it on the fact that there was a limit to how high the jumps could go 2'3 and Hero is used to competing at 3'3 haha - either way we over jumped alot of them but it was a brilliant time and I was laughing the entire time around the course!! Clears didn't matter to me just that we were out having fun!! Any way piccys below!! Super good day!! Smiles all around!!

Warming up..

Hero posing..

Must look UP!!

Determination ...



Happy looking Charlie..

Over jumping... MUCH??!!!



Please no critique:unsure:..We had lovely day and look forward to tonnes more!! Happy happy happy!

P.S - Sorry about the piccy overload!!


New Member
Jun 1, 2009
Lovely pics, can't wait to ride across the beach on my own horses, just got to find a beach close enough. lol

Roxy's Mum

New Member
Jul 21, 2009
Awww lovely thread!

Nice to see you & OH riding together, I'm hoping OH & I can do this in future too - OH is only learning at the mo, and on Roxy who is quite green herself so it makes for an interesting combination!!!! :giggle:

FAB pics!!!!
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