Help!!! Marey training problems


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Nov 4, 2004
Pennsylvania, usa
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I'm torn. Folks are advising me to sell my mare. Now here's the long drawn out story...

I've been riding for about a year and bought my first horse in July. She's an 11-year old very pretty and most of the time, quiet mare.

I like her, I can't say she's the dream horse, but I am quite attached. Anyway, I foremost wanted a trail horse and she's good at that except for going down hills which she doesn't seem to grab with her but but stumble down. Kinda scary.

Anyway, my problem is this: She hates ring work! I've been able to work with her on turns at the walk and trot, but when she's asked to canter--she does this thing that is like cantering sideways into the inside and really throws you off balance. She is so sweet but until she looses her temper--whoo hoo. She doesn't like being pulled on etc throws her head up and does the little sideways canter thing.

I've been avoiding the canter with her. A very experienced rider who I respect got on the other day and said ##$%@ "how do you stay on?"

I have a trainer riding her 1x a week and she says there's hope for her. But she's getting paid to ride my brat...:cool:

Her former owner, who has kept in touch with me, explains she's never been asked to do any hard work until now. (She's had her since a foal) The horse kinda sat in pasture until the owner felt like trail riding somewhere or took a guest out somewhere.


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Nov 5, 2005
Redditch, UK
Only you can make the decision - I would listen to all the advice you can find, and then make your own mind up :)

Given that you've not been riding long, and you've not had the horse long, I would give it a bit of time, as long as you don't think the situation is dangerous to either of you. I think it's a good idea to get someone more experienced to help - try and watch what she's doing, so that you can try it too - if possible get her to explain, and ask her to teach it to you (most trainers will do this, as long as they're getting paid for the time). When I had some problems with Fire, which I thought were probably a combination of the two of us, I got someone else to school him, and also had some lessons off her - it helped masses! But, keep an eye on things - if you don't think the horse is improving, it's time to stop paying. On the other hand, she won't get better overnight, so do give it sufficient time.

I would also try and do short canters with her (maybe only a few strides to start with) so that she starts to accept that it isn't all that exciting or difficult. Can you lunge her? That might help..

Hope you get it sorted out :) Remember, at the end of the day she's your horse - as long as you enjoy riding her it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. But if you don't, then it's time to find one that you do get on with.



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Nov 4, 2004
Pennsylvania, usa
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Ross--thanks. I will most likely come back to this thread when I need a reminder! I do have experienced folks riding her and last night someone rode her with a western saddle instead of English. She seemed to be more relaxed!

Anyhow thanks again and your advice is easy to take.
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