Hello :)

Blue Moon

Jul 2, 2017

Just joined today & wanted to check in.

I'm an old creaky lady of 54 (18 inside)

I am the proud owner of a very beautiful if somewhat temperamental 7 year old Palomino ISH :D We mainly hack out with a bit of schooling on the side - no transport so no chance of competing atm.

I live in Ireland with my husband son & 3 dogs at home & horsey in fabulous small family run yard about 5 mins away :)


Jane&Sid these days!
Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Welcome to NR! We love pictures here - any chance of a picture of your horse? I love a palomino!

My pony is from Ireland but I'm in SE England :D


Well-Known Member
Dec 21, 2003
Lovely to have another middlle aged (not old) rider here on NR.

But come on Jane .
What does it mean Plenty of bone? Spare a thought for those here who really are new riders.

Blue Moon

Jul 2, 2017
Gosh what a beautiful horse! She looks to have plenty of bone, is there a lot of ID in there?

Thanks Jane & Ziggy

Tbh I'm not sure exactly what her breeding is.

Her dam is Connemara X something :)

Have seen pics of her sire & he is very solid so could well be ID in him ;)

They are both Palomino & Madam herself has a seriously TB head so she is a real Heinz 57!
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