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Jan 14, 2002
Sunderland, UK
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Long time since I have visited the forums, so thought I should update and re-introduce myself.

I am owned by five horses and four cats. Kids are grown up and flown the nest so can indulge myself :D
My passion is dressage although not competing much at the moment due to work and baby horses.

The horses are Peri, 28yo 7/8 TB mare. She's retired from ridden work now, although still sound and rules the herd. She's a multi-talented lady having evented, shown to county level, competed to Inter I level dressage and trained to GP level. She has also bred three foals of which I still own two. Peri.jpg
Belle is an 11yo KWPN mare. Oldest daughter of Peri, extremely talented little horse but sadly her career has been cut short due to arthritis in her neck secondary to a field injury. She's been treated successfully but due to ex-vet missing it she has other issues caused by it which mean she won't sustain a high level career so is now semi-retired to light ridden work.

Firefly, 7yo KWPN stallion, full brother to Belle. He's had a delayed start to his career due to an issue with gastric ulcers and then me being injured last year. He's coming back into work now and will hopefully go forward for stallion grading with the SPSS once he's competing at a good level.
Fly photoshoot.jpg
Octavia, 22yo Russian Orlov x mare. She's competed successfully up to small tour level and is now retired from affiliated competition but is happily schoolmastering for a friend and being a fun pony for me. She still does all the moves but has an easier life.
Tavia sept 17 .jpg

Vandal, 5yo WB (AES) gelding. Tavia's only foal as he was such a big oaf and tore his poor Mum at birth. he was backed last year and had the winter off to mature as he is such a big lad. He's bred to event but had a spinal cord injury as a 2yo from which he made a pretty miraculous recovery, but on advice from the vet he is now destined for a career in dressage. He was supposed to be 15.3hh but is currently standing around 16.3hh :eek:
Vandal sept 17.jpg


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Feb 13, 2017
What a beautiful collection of horses! So nice that you've been able to keep the daughters of your eldest with you too.
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Dec 16, 2004
Wonderful to have an update from you Lgd and what a coincidence! You recommended a clipper sharpening company years ago and I still use them to this day. Sent the blades off last week and wondered how you were doing. Peri is looking super.
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