Hello again!


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Mar 29, 2009
I've just found my way back to NR again. I've dug out my old original threads and realised its over 2 years!

These were my original threads.

Hello thread

Sunny Sunday thread

So whats changed in 2 years?

My darling Tara Bear passed away on Christmas Day. Completely unexpected and a total shock. My heart was broken and shot to pieces. My soul horse, there will be never another like her. She knew me, she understood me. I couldn't even begin to explain what she meant to me and what we spoke about and what I confided in her. She saw me, and she loved me and I worshipped the ground she walked on. She was an old soul, with wisdom beyond this lifetime. She was my teacher and my guide. She cared for me, she loved me, she even defended me on ocassion. With Tara I was safe, nothing could hurt me. She would never allow that to happen. We had fun and when it was just me and Tara together, time just stopped for those moments. It was just her and me. Tara chose to pass over the Rainbow Bridge to the Summerlands in her own indomitable and stubborn way; in a way that meant I would never have to make that choice for her myself, at a time that suited her, on a day that I would never forget the date of, with her precious boys by her side guarding her and in the most inconvienent place possible. Tara was more than a horse, she was wise, she was all knowing, she was funny, she was stubborn, she was loving and affectionate, she was my best friend, she was my soul mate, she was my heart.


Pops, the daft old codger is still with us. He's more or less blind now (when it suits!) and is completely retired. He spends his days mooching about, playing with his treat balls, sunbathing, and swearing at Dudley the foal - if he was a human, he would be the grumpy old neighbour who refused to throw the ball back over the fence!


Little Millie moved on to a friends friend. She went to be a spoilt princess with her daughter and is doing brilliantly there.

Big Mac Daddy joined us a year and half ago, he is 15 years old and he came as a riding horse, but within a few weeks of arriving it was blatently obvious that the poor lad wasn't right. Investigations revealed severe navicular, and after I tracked down the original person on his passport I found out that he'd been retired 5 years previously to him being sold to me. After extensive therapy, rehabiliation etc which hadn't worked, Mac's first passported owner had retired him a horse retirement home, which is where the original person thought he still was. For 5 years he'd been sold on, drugged up and worked - and because Mac has the temperament of a saint he'd just got on with doing his job, despite the pain he was in. He is obviously fully retired now and chills with his old buddy Pops. Mac does still have a job to do as he is a fantastic equine socialiser for the dogs as our border collie rescue. He takes his job very importantly and is a total star. He is also an absolute big softie and adores 'little ones' - whether they have 4 legs or 2. He adores Dudley the foal and lets him get away with murder!


Which brings me to Dudley the Dastardly! Dudley will be a year at the end of May. He came to us at a week old, after being advertised on a free ads website as an ophan. We tried to locate a foster mum for him with the help of the National Foaling Bank, however there was no foster mums small enough for him to be found. So it was sleepless nights and lots of work, but he is very much worth it all. Dudley is an absolute horror - he is cheeky and full of mischief and mayhem. Once he was big enough, Doughnut our Shetland pony (who is now on loan with a friend nannying her mare who suffers with separation anxiety) took him under her wing to teach him horsey etiquette and his manners. Dudley's best friends are Jake & Ellwood, our two handrear sheep. They are inseperable. Dudley also adores his 'Uncle Mac' and Mac is taking over from where Doughnut left off, although he does let Dudders get away with much more than Doughnut did.


Finally we have my new arrival. After I lost Tara, I had no riding horse, and the field wasn't the same without a big chestnut mare ruling the roost.
A few weeks ago, I found Summer. She is a big, beautiful Comtois mare.
She has the patience of a Saint and the heart to go with it. I truely believe she was sent to heal my broken heart and I absolutely adore her. I love all my boys to bits, but this is such a different relationship already.



I'm still a bit of a nervous nellie when it comes to riding, but I love riding western. Summer has already had the western tack on and taken to it straight away - which is just as well really as finding a english saddle to fit her was becoming interesting!! Just finding a girth was more challenging than winning the lottery!! Thankfully with her table top back, the western saddle is perfect and the cinching/girth suits her ample belly! She hasn't done much for a while, so is getting back into work here and is on a diet! We both are! I'm looking forward to starting my western trail lessons again at home, now I have Summer and I would particuarly like to try and find some friends in our area for meeting up and having some nice quiet hacks out.

Anyyyhooo, that looks really long, so if you've reached here, thank you for sticking with me and I'll shut up now! :tongue:

Some more pics

Sleeping horses

Luna Corona

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Sep 7, 2009
Hello and welcome back! Love your pics, and sorry to hear you lost your soulmate, I have had an equine one of those, too, I know how hard the heart breaks there :(

Look forward to reading more about your gang :happy:


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Mar 19, 2007
What a lovely post!, sorry to hear about Tara - she sounds one in a million but I hope Summer will try and fill some of the gap that she will have left.

Your three boys all sound pretty amazing too:biggrin:


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Nov 16, 2009
Hi and welcome back!! Your Dudley sounds just like my jazz!! So sorry to hear about tara, summer looks absolutely beautiful. Look forward to hearing about your crew!


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Sep 7, 2010
Hello welcome back to NR.. Im sorry to hear about Tara passing away :(.. You have a lovely herd and summer is beautiful :inlove:

Another one who is looking forward to hearing more about your gang.. :biggrin:


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Mar 29, 2009
Thank you everyone for the warm welcome.
The gang are my pride and joy. :inlove:

Dudley is an absolute devil, and makes us laugh so much. He has really come on from that little ophan waif that came home, where it was very much in the hands of the gods whether he would survive. His legs and feet weren't brilliant and we were all very worried for him.

Here are a couple of videos from last year, he'd been with us about 5/6 weeks here:

Dudley & the lambs

Dudley again

And this is the little Horror now, taken last week - trying to mow me down and cause chaos!


With his 'Uncle Mac'

Its a lovely day here, so I'm going to get the Big Bird out and have a potter about the fields. :bounce:


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Nov 14, 2009
Welcome back. I'm so sorry about Tara; reading about your wonderful relationship made me :cry: So very sad, but what an amazing horse she sounded. Summer sounds fabulous, and is really lovely. She sounds perfect for you, and I'm so glad that she's helping to heal your broken heart. :wub:

Your horses sound a great bunch, and what a lovely life they have with you. They look so contented. I look forward to hearing more about you all.

Flipo's Mum

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Aug 17, 2009
Perthshire, Scotland
Hi WW:wavespin: sorry to hear of your loss but :inlove: Summer and wish you all the best for the start of a new fantastic relationship with the better weather ahead of us. Nice to see another heavy horse on the board - I know what you mean about the weight loss - my boy and I are definitely both on a diet as well but with all this spring grass its going to be quite a challenge.:tongue:


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Jun 12, 2009
West Mids
Hiya - Welcome back :biggrin:

Your horses are just lovley :inlove:

Very sorry to hear about Tara, i hope summer cheers you up abit!



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Mar 29, 2009
Thank you all. What a great bunch you are here. :smile:

The last two warm days seem to have caused Pops to turn into a destuffed teddy bear! I've spent hours in the field today brushing the old codger and he still looks like a right hairy object! He's not usually a fussy horse - more like an old stubborn, never married, General in an old folks home - "during the war, when I was commanding the troops - STOP FUSSING ME NURSE!!" But today he was really enjoying the groom and fell asleep over the water trough, head getting lower and lower, and woke himself up with a start when his nose fell in!

Summer has been very busy over the past day or so, doing her own Facebook page. :wink:

Mac was very embarassed early as he was chased by a cockeral... 16.3h legging it from a Pekin Cockeral, oh the shame!:running:


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Sep 17, 2008
West Yorkshire
I've been chased by a cockerel before today spurs flying and there is no shame in it.:giggle:

It wasn't long before the fox got it bloody thing but i did feel a little sad.


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Mar 29, 2009
Feeling throughly fed up at the moment having just spent over a week in hospital (not horse related)

Came home last night and as I staggered round to the house the horses came flying across the field to greet me. It really bought tears to my eyes as they all gave me such a greeting. Summer bless her was nuzzling all round my face and then she made a point of nuzzling and sniffing in the areas of my back and leg that caused my stay in hospital. She was definately very focused on those areas. That was really interesting.

Upshot is that I shouldn't ride for quite a while (if I'm good - which I'm not guarenteeing!), so I'm thinking about trying to locate a harness to fit Summer and a cart of some description to get out and about and be able to do something together.

Anyhooo, its been such a miserable past couple of weeks, I decided we all needed some complete silliness. Its Summer's 15th birthday on Tuesday, so on Sunday we are having a birthday party for her. :wub:
With pink pony bunting, pink pony party plates and cups, and other pink party bits and bobs. We are having little sandwiches, crisps and lots of pink fairy cakes and of course for a giant CARROT birthday cake with pony candles! LOL! Summer has a special flowery garland to wear around her neck and a posh birthday pressie all waiting. We have invited our nephews and some friends, and will have it in the little paddock next to the big horse field, so Mac and Pops will be able to join in from over the fence, and so will little Dudley from his little paddock! We will be having a pin the tail on the donkey game (no donkey will be harmed during this game - although Dudley could be in trouble if he doesn't behave) and some other little silly games.
I know we are daft, but I think we all need it - and Summer is so laid back she will lap up all the fuss and be as happy as larry having little folks grooming her and fussing her.

Dizzy Woo

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Apr 20, 2008
Sorry to hear you are poorly and not able to ride for a while (I can relate to that atm)
Fantastice horsey party for Summer who is abosolutely gorgeous
and hope you get much better very very quickly :biggrin:
Happy birthday Summer :angel:
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