hello again to 'Mature Riders'

Hi everyone,

Have posted my return on the cafe area but as MATRID was the section where I hung out most I thought I would post here to as I am familiar with most of the posters here. It is been about six months since I last posted on NR because of other commitments but now looking forward to getting back in touch with everyone!

What have I been doing in that time you may ask? well busy busy as usual, - did have another 6 weeks of disc stuff again which I thought may well lead to another op, but extended physio and some great morphine:biggrin: saw me up and riding again (as well as working! in around 3 months).

Oscar and Sky, and Foster the dog are still in residence and we have now added another Jack Russel called Onyx to the crew (he was my daughters dog but her new work commitments didn't leave her a lot of time at home) so we have now permanently 'fostered' him!

Here's foster catching some of the 'rays' and Oscar in his paddock before all his grass got burnt to a cinder. Here in fenland we have had no rain for weeks on end and every paddock is now looking more like Tenerife volcanic sand - black & dusty! we have all gone on to hard feed and hay so its going to be a pretty expensive autumn and winter:frown:


will post more pics in the near future as I am trying to get more pics of the oldies in the sanctuary part, lots of arrivals this summer.


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Luna Corona

New Member
Sep 7, 2009
Welcome back to the board! Your Foster looks so good with those sunglasses on :happy: and Oscar is lovely, more pics would be great!

Best wishes for your recovery, too.

Princess Anne

New Member
Aug 1, 2010
Hi :biggrin:

I'm biting the bullet and admitting I'm an older rider!! Although I really want to hang out with the girlies and talk about My Little Pony type accessories :biggrin:

I'm 44 and only just started riding - Western style on Criollo horses (in a horse share)

Noticed that you're into NLP! I'm a master prac. One of Bandler's Babes!!! Do you do NLP for nervous nellies then?!!! I'm trying to do the 'physician health thyself' stuff at the moment :biggrin:

Nice to 'meet' you!

Hello PA

Hello PA

Welcome to the board, I am back myself after a short break as you can see, but on NR you will find lots of interesting stuff, lots of arms length support if you want it, and some great tips and info for when you really get into the business of horsecare ownership and the like.

Love Criollos - they're the really nice even tempered horses from South America and they are imported into the UK am I right in thinking? You are very lucky to have one as a share horse. What part of the UK are you from, as they do a lot of Western down in the New Forest and some in East Anglia I think?

Sending you a friend request to start you off, can you post some pics of you and your horse? we all love pics:biggrin:

Princess Anne

New Member
Aug 1, 2010

Yes, the nice even tempered horse :) And I'm in Nottingham.

Can't work out how to put photos up - I expect there's a thread somewhere! Might change my barrow of hoss poo to a more desirable image!!!!

At pains to point out they're not MY horses! They belong to CriolloCrazy, a member on here.

Thanks for the welcome :biggrin:



Active Member
Mar 6, 2007
Hi Oumbagirl,

I remember 'speaking' to you ages ago. I see you've finished your NLP stuff and set up a website - looks good. Well done!

It says in your signature that you do riding confidence workshops but I can't find them on your website? There is a workshops link but it takes me to the Contact Us page? I'd be interested to see what you offer.

I also tried to buy the riding confidence mp3 download but it wanted £1.75 for p & P! Is that right?! :0)
Sorry about that LWTB, seems there is some technical difficulty with Paypal trying to do the CD and the download as it cannot recognise both but with separate P&P listings. Will have to list them separately in future and get the site paypal buttons changed. Have to say most people prefer the CD's so have not experienced a problem before.

If you pm with you email address, I will send you an attached mp3 soundfile for you to download and save. Let me know which one you wanted.

How are you getting on with your horse - a TB as I recall? and what are you up to now?

Best wishes. O)...
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