head turning to the outside

Nov 4, 2008
when a horse turns his head to the outside of the school (usually whilst going round a corner) why do they do this? is it lack of bend, balance or something else?

my horse usually doesn't do this,although i know he isnt very supple atm as only young and just starting proper schooling so to some extent he does but only slightly and only in trot as we are working on getting him to bend, he doesnt seem to have a very bendy neck, until the carrots come out and we do stretches! lol

Mr Ed

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Mar 1, 2009
Can't really advise, but Ed is a little prone to this on circles, particularly in canter. I think he prefers not to bend, and likes to cut in, so he fights against the bend. He's rather lazy in the school and given the opportunity will plod as much as poss on the forehand. I have to work really hard to achieve an outline, but once I do that, there's more chance of achieving a bend ....

Sorry, no advise, but thought I'd share my problem!
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