Head Snatching... Can a Daisy Rein Help ??


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Jan 21, 2006
I have an aged 13.1hh grey gelding , a very forward and lively ride as well as very quick !! After selling him on last year I have brought him back due to others not managing his ways !!

:confused: His problem... Head snatching !! :confused:

He is a gymkhana / games pony but consistantly snatches the reins from your hands, this is where his problem lies because of how lively he is !! He becomes uncontrolable when snatching his head. This isn't just a little tug, this is full on. Schooling, Various Bridles Etc... all been tried and tested & Unsuccessful !!

I wonder whether trying a Daisy / Grass rein would help as I know they can be used to assist with bucking or for horses that unseat their riders.

:) Any suggestions would be great. :)

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Jun 12, 2006
the daisy rein attatches to the poll on the bridle, along the mane and to the D rings on the saddle. to make a makeshift daisy rein (what i used to use before we sold the idea) attatch a stirrup leather under and over the poll, attatch buckle to desired hole, feed bailing twine through loop at bottom of stirrup leather and attatch to D rings. makeshift, but if he takes to it, u could upgrade to the real thing.


Jun 1, 2006
RE:Daisy Reins

This could help with your pony to stop him snatching the bit.My mare constantly does it too and we have thought of using daisy reins.I know how annoying it is so i wish you the best of luck!;)


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Jan 21, 2006
Hi there

I ride a pony like this and its a knightmare. However, she does go better in a ported kimblewick than a snaffle. My friend has also recently discovered that after over 10 years of owning her horse the head snatching was due to the bit. She tried a ported mouthpiece to purely get more brakes and the head snatching stopped and now she has a very happy mouthed horse. Turns out the horse had a big tongue and low palate. This meant the 'gentle' snaffle was just aggravating her in the mouth - and she was just telling her in her own way!!

Might be way of track here but thought it was worth suggesting.



Apr 29, 2002
I have a pony who does this and almost unseats little riders. The solution we have found is 'flexireins'. I don't know if they are still sold but basically provide an elastic insert between the bit and the hands.

We found our pony stopped snatching fairly quickly when there was no reacting snatch of hand.

You can test this as a theory by putting peacock rubbers between the bit and the rein (but have a second directly connected rein for safety!!)
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