head in the air

shikras mum

New Member
Apr 3, 2008
Co Durham
further to previous post about my new wonder all confidence giving saddle

i bought mak a new brown bridle to match his new brown saddle, a heritage comfort bridle, could only get it in flash style so took flash strap off

mak is extremely well schooled (thanks to previous owner) and if your relaxed immediately goes on the bit

since putting new saddle and bridle on (stupidly enough both at same time) he now has his head 10ft in the air

i'm certain its not the saddle, a friend rode him in trot and had it been the saddle im sure he would have hollowed out in his back, it's purely his head

does anyone else have experience of comfort bridles or have general advice

i've decided tomorrow when i ride im gonna put him back in old bridle to see if that helps but been told it could be

a) whole load of new tack all at once

b) comfort bridle could be giving poll pressure

c) spring grass :confused:

any ideas or tips???

shikras mum

New Member
Apr 3, 2008
Co Durham
I've taken the bridle off and put his old one back on, what a difference. He's back to his old self again

so for now am gonna keep old bridle on him, his comfort is far more important than matching tack

thanks all for the advice
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