Calypso & Champagne
Sep 26, 1999
Kansas USA
Our horses get about 1/3 of a square bale of hay per day. they are at pasture permanently, and mine get daily trail riding while the rest get no work at all. I think we are putting out 8 bales a day, and there is something like 25 horses...not sure the exact number. Of course the pushier ones get more than the meek ones, but it all evens out in the end.


Cathy Reynolds

New Member
Sep 18, 2000
Depends on the size of the horse! Benny (13.2) gets through 2 slices overnight (6pm - 6am) - I've tested the 'ad lib' feeding by adding more but he doesn't touch it. He'll eat 1 slice in 4 hours if you bring him in at lunchtime! Most of the bigger horses get 3 slices overnight. Even the ones in work don't really get through more. Remember things like outside temperature etc will also affect feeding rate.
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