having a confidence wobble again!

Cremola Foam

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Jan 11, 2005
I knew the new confident me wouldn't last! Lol!!

Having a wee wobble again. Peds has been off his calmer for three weeks (He started on it again on Thursday, I'm double dosing him for the first week!!) And his anxious behaviour has started to rear it's head again. I'm managing to stay calm handling him, it's not his fault - it's my fault for running out of calmer and taking ages to order more in!

Last week I managed to ride him a bit on the farm but this week I just feel that my bottle has totally gone! Hacked out yesterday with a friend and Peds was good, a touch wound up but didn't spook at anything, even took the lead past the building site where there was a digger right by the fence (Lovely workman switched it off when he saw us coming)

Then I clipped him when we got back and now I'm convinced that the clip is going to put the wind up him!! It's the most I've ever clipped off him (blanket clip) and he was quite wild when I turned out this morning (it was windy, raining and someone was shooting in the crop field next to my boys field) In all honesty he didn't do anything. Just head up, eyes on stalk and had a wee jump when a gun shot went off when we were at the field gate.

My plan is to ride this afternoon, just a short one and trot most of it. I have RC Dressage tomorrow so really need to ride him today.

I know, reading this back, he has done nothing. But my brain is having difficulty computing that!!!


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Jan 15, 2008
France, South
Mmmm - I know how you feel!
Only thing I can say is that you know your horse better than me but , you also know that he's had no calmer - for anyone who's a bit nervous this knowledge would probably be enough to make us nervous without the horse having done anything "wrong".
He's walked past a scary digger calmly and he lifted his head up and did a small jump to a shotgun noise (which I do too sometimes:D).
Force the negative thoughts out of your mind and put some positive ones in. Go mentally through your dressage test with Peds going lovely, as he will do if you do, and then run through the same mental video during your warm up tomorrow.

I'm planning on doing the same for a jumping lesson Monday as I "jumped" a matchstick yesterday for the first time with my youngster and I was scared to death for absolutely no good reason:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Cremola Foam

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Jan 11, 2005
Well the weather is rotten so no riding this afternoon (it is heavy rain and high winds) So I'm going to bring in early and clean my tack for tomorrow.

@orbvalley I will do that with the Dressage test. Think I need to start up a gratitude journal again, taking note of all the positive things that happen.
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