Hats - does anyone know?


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Apr 20, 2003
I'm thinking of buying a new riding hat, a vented one, possibly a Troxel. It says they are ASTM/SEI Safety Certified, with the new hat laws coming in, does anyone know if I would be ok with this?

I'm not sure if the law is different over here but most of my events would be in Northern Ireland so UK rules would apply I suspect.


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Apr 20, 2003
I have done some endurance specific research, although my rides will not be with endurance GB I'm hoping the same rules will apply, thought I would post it here in case anyone else would like some info :)

'If you have a hat that is manufactured to PAS 015, ASTM F1163 or Snell 2001 then your hat is still CE certified and will be in the future.
Troxel, Tipperary and Zilco hats are currently CE cerified under the ASTM F1163 standard as well as the now deleted BS EN 1364.'
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