Has anyone tasted there horses feed?

chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
Ive cut the boys food down. They do not need it over summer. They are getting a fresh strip everyday. Inspite being worked everyday they are definitely putting weight on.
So for a bit of variety they get a bit of mix, pony nuts with some linseed in it and a bit of water. I do feed sugar beet but only in the winter, with all the grass calories they dont need it at this time of year.
Billy gets apple cider vinegar, biotin for his feet and salt for the head shaking.
Chunky is getting apple cider vinegar, devils relief and msm, was using glucosamine till last week and salt, and danilon if hes been on a long walk or drive.

Well billy whaps his food back. Gone in minutes then hes trying to come over to see if he can nick chunkys, not a chance. Chunky will guard it. But ive noticed that chunkys getting slow again eating his food. He did it last summer too. Then when we got to autumn he started eating better. It did coinside with his teeth being done. Although the vet says there nothing too serious hes pretty good inside. Of course i did up the rations again with less grass and reintroducing sugar beet over winter. All has been good.

Anyway its getting bad again over the last few months, leaves some in the bowl most feeds, tossing some on the floor, so i end up giving it to billy. So hes not getting his full supplement ration effectively either. Hes also just so slow eating it.

So the day before i mixed some sugarbeet up just to try adding it in. I put the grub down last night and chunky just stood there head above the bowl, didnt even want to put it in. That was a complete first. I staet to panick that something is wrong. Wed just come back from a couple of miles of a ride and led and he seemed ok. Even cantered a couple of times. So i offered his bowl up close, he sniffed realised it had sugarbeet in and proceeded to eat. I disappeared in the tack room. When i came out billy was still eating, chunky had walked away. Looked and most of the food was actually gone. There was some still in the bottom. Its just weird lately hes just been so slow at eating. Obviously adding sugarbeet he approved of. So i offered him what was left again. He blaintly just looked at it. So i thought im gonna taste this and see if its to do with the supplements. So i dipped my finger in and put my finger on my tongue. Oh my god, i thought no wonder my horse wont eat. I am seriously trying to poison him. All i could taste was salt. I was literally gagging.

Hes never liked salt licks. Ive brought several over the years but they just waste. So i gave up. But i know they say its good idea to help with sweat etc. It wasnt until i read that people with headshakers feed table salt and have had good results that i started billy on it and thought I'll give it to chunky too in his feed instead of a lick. I think chunky has sweated less too when hes been on long exercise. So to me it was a win win.

I dont even feed the recommended amount of table salt to either horse, and chunky gets less than billy aswell. But with the summer feed ration being less the supplements are more prominent in taste as there not cut. Seriously though i wouldnt eat my tea either if you shoved that at me. So tonight hes getting sugar beet again as he obiously likes it, but no salt is being added at all. Im also going to have another taste to make sure that it is just the salt not the other supplements. Amazingly billy loves his grub, clearly with plenty of salt. Poor chunky though
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Mar 15, 2008
When she was unwell she was given an iron supplement. It smelt of caramel. She was busy licking around the bowl, licking her lips, almost looking for more.
I tested some and it was bleugh! ?
Note to self, horses have different taste buds to humans. The only shared taste we have is carrots and bananas.


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Nov 11, 2018
Never tasted, but I do love the smell - maybe that's why horses' breath smells so good.
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chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
Well i tried his food again tonight minus the salt. It wasnt to my taste something still very much off. But he started eating. So i tested the individual supplements, dipped my finger in the devils relief. Actually tasted nice. Slightly sweet. The acv i already know isnt the best taste so i avoided trying that one. So then i stuck my finger in the msm. Oh boy that was bitter as hell. So i think that im going to not feed that one tomorrow, and see how he reacts.
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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
Haha we used to try all the horses feeds when we were kids, I still test most things ?
Jess won’t eat a lot of salt, I had to add it slowly and still can’t get the recommended amount in her, the boys happily eat it tho. Jess rarely touches a salt lick unless it’s really hot out but the boys do regularly, I guess they all know what they need. Maybe Chunky just knows he doesn’t need the calories this time of year
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chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
Since ive topped using salt he seems to be eating better. Ive reduced the msm quantity but kept him on the sugar beet to help disguise the taste. I havent tasted the food with the danilon in it.

I tried micronised wheat years ago when we used to feed it to the goats.
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Molly's mum

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Jul 19, 2020
I've had so.e of my horses molassed feed and it tasted rather nice,bit dry but much like muesli. Wouldn't want it every day though!
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Margie and Magic

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Jan 14, 2020
I always taste the hay I buy my horses before buying it. Originally my vet recommended orchard grass for my first mare, $23/bale (60#) and she hated it! o_O?

That bale was still good to eat when I found her companion, my second mare. Same thing, I to feed it to Whisky, but she wouldn't touch it. So I tried alfalfa next. As long as the alfalfa tastes sweet to me they will eat it. I haven't tried any of their mash or grains but I have noticed if it smells good to me then the girls will lick their feeders clean. But if it smells bad to me, Whisky and Magic won't eat it.
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