Has anyone seen my pony?


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Aug 22, 2007
I am currently missing a pony of the following description...

14.1hh, chubby, piebald mare.... complete with many grey hairs.
Confident and bombproof, has been known to ride through building sites and round East London with the greatest of ease.
Easy going nature, usually takes a bit of leg to get out whilst out hacking but cruise control is easy to program once appropriate speed has been reached.

the above appears to have been replaced with...

A snorting dragon in her later years who quite clearly believes she is 4yo
Bit of a wimp, rustly bushes and general wildlife posing the greatest of problems.
Brakes not installed
Cruise control not installed
Turbo power and fuel injection callibrated a little too high
Scared of shadows...and small ponies....and sheep


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Aug 22, 2007
Er, which pony do you prefer? :giggle:

The replacement pony is quite fun and this isn't the first time she has appeared, but this is the spookiest she has ever been, I think it's because in her head she's going "zooooooooooooom".....but she's not allowed to actually zoom anywhere just yet :giggle:


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Aug 22, 2007
I let replacement pony have a short zoom last night as she was getting very full of herself, after three enourmous bucks she pelted off at 100mph......bless the senile old bat :wink:
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