Has anyone had an Ikea sofa?


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Apr 20, 2003
I've been looking around at sofa for a while, mine are getting to the end of their life now, and I fancy a big corner sofa as there's lots of wasted space where the arms of my sofa are.
I really want one to go down the whole back wall with a corner section or a chaise bit, problem is I haven't been able to find one big enough, that's not loads of cash.

I've spotted one on Ikea that might work, it's just about big enough, only problem is that it's fabric and we prefer leather as we have dogs.

Anyone tried an Ikea fabric sofa? How did it wear?

Flipo's Mum

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Aug 17, 2009
Perthshire, Scotland
I've got one, it's five years old now and not doing too badly. But only had me using it really so not sure how it would stand up to repeated use by multiple folk! Sorry not much help but thinking about it if I had money to spend, I'd not go for another ikea one. But if I was short of cash it would do me in the meantime (which is the situation I was in five years ago!)


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May 18, 2009
I've had two, one was a real cheapy for a rental flat which lasted really well, the other was a big squishy one that I loved (with a spare set of covers too) but didn't have any animals at that time and left my now ex OH before it got any real use, as far as I know he still has it but as to what it's wearing like I've no idea. I think for the price they are good value and as long as you look after them should last you just fine.


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Oct 14, 2010
Not quite the same but I've got an M&s fabric sofa and just put a throw over the bit where the dog tends to sit. She doesn't always chose to sit in the right place...but it's holding up ok so far (dog is 3).
The sofas I've had from IKEA have been leather ones - they've proved sturdy enough. Don't their fabric ones have zip off covers that you can wash?

Em 1

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Aug 18, 2001
I tried to buy a nabru sofa about 9 months ago when I moved from a furnished to an unfurnished house and need a sofa quickly. Ordering was really easy and they promised delivery within a week so it would arrive the day after I moved in. They texted me at 2pm the day before delivery saying the fabric hadn't arrived so it would be delayed until the end of the week. We went backwards and forwards with them promising dates and then cancelling at the last minute for about 2 weeks before I cancelled the order....at which point they suddenly promised me the sofa would be there within two days. I was totally fed up by this point and didn't trust them in the slightest so I cancelled anyway. The refund was on time if nothing else! I then went to Ikea and bought a corner fabric sofa in white as I wanted to put throws on it anyway. It arrived 10 days later and I'm comfortably sitting on it now! You do get what you pay for but for but it does exactly what it says on the tin (and it arrived when they said it would saving me from another month sitting on an inflatable chair:D).
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