Happy :)


Nov 10, 2014
Been very busy lately between umpiring and line judging and I'm now back at training and trying to keep Kia going has been tough with no school. So we have been hacking and lunging by head torch when we have to. I have been snuck up on more by unlit cyclist more than anything and haven't met one rude driver so far :)

Managed a daylight hack the other day so I spent time with him before and afterwards and he's looking and feeling great. On the one part of our hack that is grassy he was very cheeky and opinionated and we were cantering whether I wanted to or not. I did allow him but certainly not at the speed he wanted nor in a straight line, I'm not daft and he should know this. He was quite put out and thought about a wee buck but didn't when I ''oi oi'd'' him lol ;)

So he's feeling well with himself on the prascend which is making me feel better about trying it. He has the vets in the 14th of Dec for his second round of bloods, hoping the prascend has made the necessary difference and trying it hasn't been a waste of time and money.




Nov 10, 2014
Thank you, I just need to help him build up more top line and doing that without a school is proving hard, will just have to worm out hacking and the field once the ground is a wee bit harder.

Hoping not to have to make a decision in a few weeks. It is keeping me up at night :(


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Jan 18, 2016
He looks great! How old is he? Try not to worry he really does look fab although I'm the same and have spent many nights waking up with worry about my old man.
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Dec 21, 2003
Glad he is feeling well. But notice you had unsolicited canter and didnt feel that as dire disgrace. I had it 3 times with Grace last week riding with someone new and felt so ashamed.


Nov 10, 2014
Thanks :) I try not to worry about it or think about it, he has had a good life with me I think and I've always done the best by him that I could I believe.

I hack alone 99% of the time so no need to worry how anyone else feels about his bounciness or opinions on speed ;)
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