Happy Gotcha Day Buddy


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Apr 25, 2003
Happy Gotcha Day Buddyboo. I can hardly tell you what joy you have brought me, with your daft goofy face and your wonderful character. I thought when we bought you, age 19, you might give me a couple of years before it was time to retire and i was happy to give you this. But here we are 8 years on and we are going out this morning for a little ride.
You have been a hardworkng horse all your life and you grace our fields with your presence. Thank you Buddy. I have almost forgiven you for trying to take off last week in the wind in the field and almost flattening me! The pictures are of him the night he arrived and next day - first time i really got a good look at him and thought wow what a handsome boy, as when i went to try him i was so nervous i hardly saw him.
One of the best horses in the universe, a happy boy cunning as getout but my Buddy. Thanks for everything.



Another Happy Gotchaversery coming your way Buddy - you huggable, brutally handsome fella🥰🥰

I love a great love story like this. It’s a special thing when a “cunning as all get out horse” has the good fortune to land with a human who gets him or her.👍😍😍👍
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He hasn't changed much, he had a bit of a tummy when we got him, even though he was fully fit. He has lost a bit of muscle but for 27 I don't think he looks his age at all. He has kept his shape under the saddle area, not gone dippy