haha shocked i'm laughing


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May 26, 2008
My other RI wanted me to canter 2day for the 1st time (the last time was when the horse spooked so i dont count it).
I was workin on my balance for a lot of it and trying to keep my feet down instead of gripping (very hard)
i cantered once and was fine - he only wanted me to do a few strides which i did and am suprised how much easier it is than sitting trot (which i can't do very well).
Well, i just started cantering a few strides for the 2nd time and did the worst possible thing - i tried to grip with my legs so fell over her shoulder :p it's only me second fall (the last being the spooked horse) and i am suprised how little i am shocked. I am a little sore and my left knee has a bruise (from when i fell over Moss)
I have forgiven her now and am a little nervous of canter (since i wasn't on lunge - so may ask my other RI next week to put me on it to help)

i'm going to try and upload the video but don't know if i will need to create a youtube account due to it's size - either way i'm going to get it on here somehow it may just take a while


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Oct 22, 2008
West Yorkshire
Ouch, a very gracefull fall and glad you aren't too sore, hope you aren't tomorrow too. Hope the lesson goes well next time hun.


Very graceful indeed! You could just tell everyone that you were trying to give the horse a hug! :p

I love that canter. Your horse has beautiful strides.


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May 26, 2008
You could just tell everyone that you were trying to give the horse a hug! :p

Thats a very good idea.

thanks anyway, i was cheating by holding the saddle :rolleyes: because i keep gripping, now it's been 11hrs everything is sore
back, neck, legs, arms and stomach - i defo got my exercise for the day. and i've also got a bruise on the inside of my leg, think it got caught on the saddle when i fell off.

What annoys me - i was SO close to taking my bp :eek: but since i apparently only fell off when the horse spooked when she stopped i thought that i would be ok - think i may live in it now lol

btw she's not my horse, she's the yards owners - i wish she was because i know she will look after me. but at 16.1hh she's a little big for my liking 2

Riley Roo

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Mar 14, 2008
North Wales
Ouch! You looked quite comfortable going into the canter too :D

BTW don't you just hate bra straps? LOL - i have to hoik mine up all the time too! ;)


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Aug 31, 2008
Belfast NI
Ouch! You looked quite comfortable going into the canter too :D

BTW don't you just hate bra straps? LOL - i have to hoik mine up all the time too! ;)

lol, I was just going to say...never mind tightening girths...tighten your bra straps :p

At least you didnt hurt yourself, but dont let it put you off cantering again....my horse shot off yesterday when asked to canter and carted me around the school, they were all fresh as had been in for 4 or 5 days...I did stay on...just:rolleyes:
Good luck next time:D


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May 26, 2008
thanks, but remember i did cheat to make it look gud :rolleyes:
it feels very bumpy going into canter (at the mo anyway) which is where i get a little nervous coz it feels like a cartoon where the horse goes and leaves the rider where it was lol
I was nervous because it luks so bouncy but once i had about 2 strides it felt like a rocking horse - i think i may have let go of the saddle a little :eek:

it did take me 10 mins to get out of bed today tho - ow lol
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