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Nov 10, 2023
After retirement, I relocated to southern Utah. With five National Parks within its borders, Utah offers an abundance of photographic opportunities. And then there's rodeo.

During the next four years, I photographed almost every High School rodeo in Utah. I was a sponsored photographer for three years. I now limit myself to four pro rodeos every year.

Rodeo kids tend to be friendly, polite, and respectful. A prominent rodeo family invited me to participate in their roundup. On a cold day in February, twelve cowboys and I rode into the mountains with the objective of finding cows and moving them to their summer pastures. I rode a rodeo horse.

I decided I wanted to learn to ride. I began lessons. I had no concept of the challenge that I faced.


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no, it is not a picture of me. It is a picture of my friend and his horse. However, I went up on the same rock earlier.

My friend and I were looking for cows and went down a slope, and there is this rock in front of us. I asked my friend if I could jump his horse onto the rock the rock. he said, “sure.“

my form was not as good as he is, but I did jump on the rock with my his horse