Great idea!!!!


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Jan 15, 2010
So, winter is here. The fields are either wet or frozen and my hacking isn’t brilliant. At the moment I have a lesson every week in a local indoor that I trailer to but it is hard to find the motivation to ride the rest of the time.

However! I heard that a local yard was offering a monthly membership for £30 which gives you unlimited access to the outdoor and indoor schools, use of one of the stables in the indoor while you are there and access to all the hacking (which is off road, yay!) . So I signed up and went off this morning, it’s about 20 - 25 minutes door to door. What a brilliant idea! The only thing was, there are workmen in this week doing quite a big job at one end of the indoor. 2 men were standing up on a ledge , there was a nail gun going off, a drill, wood being thrown down and clattered. Argh! It was all a lot to ask of a baby pony! I decided to leave her in the stable in there for 10 mins or so and see how she was reacting and she was so good I thought stuff it, I’ve come all this way over here and I hopped on! We had a super schooling session and near the end one of those metal cutting saw things started up!!!!

(you need sound up for the vid)

Very proud of Brook! The only thing she threw herself sideways for was the tyre tracks in the sand surface!


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Aug 5, 2009
Excellent idea -very impressed with Brook - my word Dolly would have been throwing all her toys out of the pram with that noise going on in a strange place. My husband was once using a hand saw on the other side of the field she was in - as soon as she heard the noise start she leapt clean over the fence and headed down the furthest field we have - disgraceful behaviour lol!
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Jan 15, 2010
thanks! Im really quite excited to have the use of facilities now and someone has already offered to hack with me and show me the tracks, it’s mainly a livery yard but so far everyone has been so welcoming and tbh i dont know many livery yards that are so keen to have outsiders visiting and using the school ! I think its a lovely way to encourage people in the local area.


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Jan 15, 2008
France, South
nope 25 mins is a doddle for me, I drive 40mins each way 4 times a week to my livery yard:oops:. My vet once said to me that she thinks up to an hours drive is fine in order to find good livery/facilities;)


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Apr 24, 2011
Don't get me a wrong a 25 min journey isn't long if I was just driving my car but it is if your towing a horsebox ...well it would be like an eternity to me


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Jan 18, 2016
What a great idea! What a good girl Brooke is, a lot of horses would of had eyes on stalks at all that going on.

I don't think 25 mins is too far and sounds totally worth it.


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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
How far it is is completely up to you! I used to hack 35 minutes to use a really nice Olympic size outdoor school, which made for a very long afternoon. I don't have transport though so hacking is my only option to reach places.
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