grazing muzzle advice please!


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Jul 25, 2009
can anyone out there give me a bit of advice?

I have moved my mare to a new yard and she is in a paddock on her own at the minute, until fully settled, the grass hasn't been grazed foe about 6-8 weeks and is long, lush and very green!:unsure:

NOW I've been given conflicting advice and not sure what to do and the YO is away for the jubilee week.

I put her out today for the first time wearing a grazzing muzzle for about 2/3 hours then brought her back in and she's in tonight. the advice i've been given is to.
1. put her out tomorrow (Sun) all day 10 - 6ish in the muzzle then bring her back in overnight.
2. put her out on monday all day without the muzzle until 8pm then muzzle and leave out overnight wearing it.
3. then on tuesday remove the muzzle at 8am - 8pm then put back on and carryon like this until she has settled down.

now the othe advice given. was

that was the wrong way the muzzle should be on during the day and off over night something to do with the grass been more toxic at dawn and dusk wwas also mentioned..

i'm totally confused now and dont know what to do..

the feed shop, asked me lots of questions, her breed connemara, not overwieght, etc he didnt think she would be prone to laminitus, but im a bit worried about colic etc..

any help would be good.


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Apr 16, 2004
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One thing I would be concerned about is that if she is out with the muzzle on and then you take if off, she might gorge herself? I personally would go for out muzzled in the day and in overnight until she is out with the other horses- I am assuming that field isn't as lush.
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Dec 30, 2006
If this were Joy, id do neither. If she's on her own you can see what poo she's producing to be sure she's getting enough grass. If she is, I'd muzzle 24/7 and not stable.


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May 19, 2010
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If this were Joy, id do neither. If she's on her own you can see what poo she's producing to be sure she's getting enough grass. If she is, I'd muzzle 24/7 and not stable.

Sound advice.

Can only imagine its pretty good grazing as a lot of liveries are ex farms etc.

On the other hand, I grow my summer field then strip graze it you could split your tiny bit with electric tape and move it daily to allow more grass. Also like JC says if muzzling count the poos. Also i find short to mid grass better for muzzles as really long they can struggle with.
I find longer grass doesnt affect my lots as much as short stressed grass,

Sorry, probably confused you even more!
They definitely gorge if the muzzle is taken off, and as JC says, monitor droppings to judge grass intake.

Long grass may have less sugar per kg eaten, but it sounds like there is an awful lot of grass there to eat.

I would go fo 24/7 muzzle for at least a week, until grass levels are reduced, and then maybe take it off at night, on during the day, though they still eat lots at night, you are reducing grazing hours.


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Jul 25, 2009

Ok so i left her out overnight with the muzzle on when I went over at 8am this moring to fetch her in and and take it off to give her a bit of rest, was having a saddle fitting, this morning, the muzzle was OFF!!! she was looking very proud of herself, standing in the long grass, not grazing just looking at me as if to say "Look at me mum"! :frown:

shes been in all day and not touched her haynet, now is that because she full or could somethig else be going on, she had 4 poo's in her box and we rode out this afternoon on the new saddle she pooed while out, when we came back she had a go at the haynet but only a little..

she's drinking water

now do i put her out tonight with or without the muzzle?? its rubbed her jaw and she as a nasty sore.. poor girl.. im not sure what to do now, its been off once so im sure will be off again!

any thoughts would be good thanks.


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Apr 30, 2010
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Oh lordy, I so feel for you. I have no advice, I hate grazing muzzles with a passion and so does Ziggy, I hate the way they rub, but if there's loads of grass and you have a lami prone good doer what choice do you have?

I hope you get some wise words, I will benefit from them too!
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