Grazing muzzle 1, Ziggy 0 - pics & video!


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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
I have tried grazing muzzles for Ziggy in the past without success. However, he no longer lives with the very helpful TB whose self-appointed job was to remove grazing muzzles, so while he cannot be ridden I thought it was worth another try.

I got a Comfort muzzle. Ziggy has a big Irish head on his little pony legs so it is a Full to fit around his nose, which made fitting it tricky. We didn't get it quite right to start with and he did his best to remove it...

[URL=] [/URL]

But he failed! We shortened the chin strap a bit, since when it has stayed on well and not rubbed yet.

He is funny, to start with he wouldn't eat when I was there. But now he just gets stuck in. I am not sure how much it reduces his intake but I think it must.

Here he is on the long grass - he'd get nothing on the short grass:

[URL=] [/URL]

Here's a little vid showing the technique. I hope he doesn't get neck strain from the extra pushing!

[URL=] [/URL]

And here he is on the short grass paddock, where he goes overnight.

Fingers crossed this prevents him from expanding like a balloon :happy:
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Jun 1, 2009
I tried the bare paddock over night thing, it resulted in trashed fencing and him getting into the lush paddock. I now have mine muzzled most of the time, saying that he does eat quite successfully through it and doesn't look to have lost much weight :frown:

I too have experienced the half on, half off jobby. lol


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Mar 23, 2012
Gateway to europe
Well done Ziggy, hope it continues to work.

My little rascal (Cherie) has got wise to hers and wont let me catch her to put it on.

She is also expert at getting it off and trashing fences:frown:

When it is on she manages to eat in it fine but you would not believe the sulks I get. She hates the thing with a passion.

On top of that the youngster (Summer) has worked out that Cherie can not bite her with it on, so Summer winds her up something chronic.

I have just got myself a stable so she will be in all day and out at night. Its more work mucking out etc but she is at least happy with that.


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Dec 30, 2006

Joy did 2 days of being in her grazing muzzle then this morning I went up to discover 2 of the leather straps holding the muzzle to the head collar had mysteriously undone allowing Joy to flip it up and eat normally. I've redone them and popped her back out again to see what happens tonight. If the buckles undo again I'll look at another way of fastening the muzzle to the headcollar to allow breaking points but be pony mouth proofed, I blame the shitland X for aiding and abetting after constant nagging from fat bum herself. I can't afford for her to circumvent her muzzle too often as she's obviously out on unrestricted grazing and it doesn't take her long to eat her own body weight in grass!


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Mar 15, 2008
I probably would think of this for mine, but she lives with helpers and someone would take it off.
She used to get one of the horses in the stable to take her head collar off while she was tied up. Took a while to work out how that appeared to just drip off and loose cob.

Are you guys weight taping to see how much they loose this way?
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