Graduated to crutches!


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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Since my operation to fix broken tib & fib 3 weeks ago I have been using a walking frame. It's a hateful thing, slow, noisy and cumbersome, but I just wasn't secure on crutches when I could take no weight on my busted leg at all.

Yesterday I got permission to weight bear "guided by pain" and today at physio I was passed for crutches! What a difference. Quiet and much more manoeuvrable. And my leg is really enjoying the movement and stretching.

Bad news: The break was very bad and even with nail and plate the remnants of the tibia couldn't be joined in a fully natural position, so there's no healing yet. I have to go back in 4 weeks to check that it's progressing to a callus. The nail went right through my knee so I am now likely to develop arthritis in that knee. Oh, joy.

Good news: the wounds have healed brilliantly and the physio is delighted with my progress. I have new exercises to prepare for weight bearing. I'm back to hospital in 4 weeks and after that I hope to be standing on one leg again (essential for mounting)!

Onward and upward...
A nail went through your knee?!! Ouch. How did that happen with a shod horse!

That being said I am very pleased that you are more mobile now. Cant imagine how frustating the frame was.

Hope the next consultatoon brings good news.

Total morbid curiosity...any pics? :)
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so so sad for you what a bummer, and long recovery period. At least you have the right attitude and will get on with what is needed to get mobile but just such a blooming shame.
Sorry it's taking longer than hoped, you're very brave to go through all this! I know you don't really have any choice but I think I'd be doing much worse if it was me, hopefully things turn a corner soon.
I am very, very glad that I enjoy knitting and crochet. I keep my hands busy and listen to audiobooks. Now I can stand, more or less, I can start doing more cooking, but I can't carry anything anywhere so am a bit of a waste of space really!
one of those boots
I won't get a boot. They are used more for ankle breaks, where they support the foot/ankle during healing and allow quicker weight bearing, so I'm told. Steve had a boot last year when he broke his ankle. My leg is OK for partial weight bearing now "guided by pain" as they charmingly say!

I had a proper shower this morning and washed the wounds. They look awful, talk about Frankenleg! But they have healed visibly even since the stitches came out on Tuesday, so yay for that...