Good news on Ziggy!


Jane&Sid these days!
Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Today Ziggy saw the chiropractor and then Trevor the trimmer, who was so anxious about his feet last time and asked me to rest him up in the field between visits..

I asked the chiro to pay particular attention to his stride length because that's where his discomfort shows. She watched him, manipulated him a little, and said, "He's a tiny bit stiff at the back which I would expect with this weather and being off work, but basically he is 100% and I don't need to treat him for anything".


Then Trevor came. I knew Ziggy's feet have been sloughing the false sole - one benefit of this ghastly wet weather! - but Trevor was thrilled with them. Both of them are back to concave, the alignment is better, the hoof wall looks great, even his frogs have improved, and he is clear to be booted and ridden!

The hole where his abscess burst out is now about an inch above his toe and it is big and ugly and shows how hijjus the abscess was, but all that false sole and imbalance was caused by the shoeing I fear :frown::unsure:

So much for the vet and pooh to my ex-farrier who said his feet would kill him! He was so cute today, he loves Trevor and enjoys his pedicure and 45 minutes of cuddles with Mum.


Grumpy old nag
Aug 5, 2009
I am so glad that Ziggy is now well and truly recoverd. But I do have to say Jane I feel you are being more than a little unkind and ungrateful to the help you and Ziggy received when the poor pony really was seriously struggling with his feet.

I quite your previous posts:

This is rotten, BUT Trevor did acknowledge that if he'd been barefoot over the summer while recovering from the abscess, rather than remedially shod, I probably wouldn't have been able to ride him at all until recently.


Dave Nicholls the remedial farrier came to Ziggy today and fitted him with another pair of lightweight, high break over aluminium shoes. Without any kind of sole support, today.

When he had finished (Ziggy was a diamond, naturally) he said, "I have left a lot of sole, because he can go back to Trevor next time if you want and if Trevor is happy."

I am very happy! Ziggy's feet seem to me to look good, and by lucky chance Trevor is coming tomorrow so he can see the sole for the first time since May. I suspect I will need to buy a new pair of boots for the transition period - his feet are smaller and more upright now - but that's ok by me.

After Dave had finished I let Ziggy out. He had been in for 6 hours to ensure he was dry (Dave will only work on dry horses) and he was full of it. So he cantered up the paddock, reared, bucked, squealed and cavorted with his friends, and Dave and I looked on in a satisfied sort of way.

Then Ziggy ran all the way back up the paddock to give Dave a bump with his head! He is a very polite pony.

I am not posting this as a criticism of barefoot, or barefoot trimmers, just to point out that you were, in fact, more than pleased with a qualified remedial farrier's input and help.....but now all is well again following remedial farriery?????:unsure:


Well-Known Member
Mar 15, 2008
That's great news that he has the all clear. Sometimes rest and letting nature sort it works out.
Do you have boots that fit the new shape? I only have the one trail but if it helps you can borrow if you have another.
This thread also needs some Ziggy piccies. :smile:


Jane&Sid these days!
Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Good memory Cortrasna! However the farrier I was referring to was not Dave, but my old farrier, who looked at Ziggy 3 months ago and said he would be dead before the spring! Dave did a good job of what he was asked to do and worked well with Trevor :happy:


Grumpy old nag
Aug 5, 2009
Ah right - it did seem rather odd as I thought you had been quite pleased with the remedial shoeing and couldn't understand why you sounded so dismissive of the farrier who had helped you!:frown: I hadn't realised you were referring to a totally different farrier.:smile:

I did remember it rather better than I might normally, but it was also the unusual circumstances that a farrier and barefoot trimmer were happy to work in tandem or at the very least the farrier had no issues with you going back to a barefoot trimmer, when the remedial shoeing was over that stuck in my mind.:smile:
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