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Nov 3, 2006
Wylam, Northumberland

I want to find some games to play with my horse, Willow, so I can bond with her. At the moment I play a game where I try and grab her tounge. She loves it and I can spend hours playing it but I need some new ones so I can bond more.:) She not very good at getting her ears touched ( had vet out and thier is no problem she doesn't like it!) so if their is a game in which she learns that it isn't bad to get her ears touched that would be great.

Any replies will be helpful. Also any other ways to bond will be helpful! (not join up though as she gets aggresive- one of the reasons why we need to bond!)

Thanks Vez xx
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Mayo my freind
Its a way of having fun and speaking to your horse in a langauge you both understand. You use certain signals and body language to ask the horse to do certain things without useing force. So you start off with the ground work online stuff, then the off line so the horse learns in the field to follow you, back up from suggestion, yield to you and play with you. Then you move onto riding and the same signals are used except your on there backs. You really need an instructer if you want to get going with it properly but its about having fun on the way to so the horse enjoys and understands it. If you interested and want any more info pm me :)
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