Fuciderm cream - any alternatives or ways of buying it without prescription??


i'd rather be riding.
Jul 10, 2001
Petersfield, Hants., UK
Kally has either been bitten or caught herself on a tree on her back a few inches behind her withers. Annoyingly right in the way of where I'd sit even bareback, so no riding until it heals. Grr!! Anyway, the cut isnt deep but it did have a flap of skin that I cut off with scissors as it was already dead (yes I know, I nearly threw up!). I also trimmed as much hair out of the way as possible, not easy when she was flinching due to fly attacks previously. I washed it up and put Sudocrem on it.

Today it looks a tiny bit weepy, but not in a pus-y way. The imediate area is slightly swollen, but I cant see any infection. However I am worried about flies getting to it, and I cant cover it due to where it is. I'd like to put some Fuciderm on it but Ive run out. Its not worth a vet visit to get some more, but of course its a POM so I cant just buy it. Does anyone know a similar alternative that is OTC???

Thanks :)


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Aug 6, 2008
I would think any sort of cream with antibacterial properties would be helpful.However if you think she may have caught it on a branch you need to be absolutely certain that the wound is 100% clean as there could be a little bit of wood stuck in there somewhere which will cause infection.Could you not put something on the wound in the way of a cream and then cover with a fly rug to keep it clean.


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
I think thats a good idea about keeping it covered with a fly rug if poss. Could you collect some from your vet rather than having to have them out? (Thinking just the cost of the cream that way)


i'd rather be riding.
Jul 10, 2001
Petersfield, Hants., UK
Fortunately I have located a cream that will help! Our local vets makes his own all purpose gunk with antibiotics, antiflammatories and citronella in, so am slapping that on instead :)

I have cleaned it thoroughly and am certain there are no foreign bodies in it. Putting cream then a rug on would probably make an awful mess of it, especially when it dried in the hot weather. If it has been on her leg I would have covered it, but in this position the only barrier I can provide is via creams.
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