From a really bad day to a fantastic one!! Sorry it's a long one!!


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Nov 16, 2009
Since I have been banashed to bed by the o.h as I'm suffering from some terrible illness (I have a cold :| ) I thought I'd share my utter joy of yesterday afternoon, and the not so happy times of yesterday morning!!
Let me explain!!
Ruby!!!! I haven't had a chance to post anything on here about the nightmare 15.2 9 year old unbroken tbx that came trotting into my yard about a month ago, as truth be told I didn't really pay any attention to it! The first time I came into contact with her I was attempting to catch her and her mate when they decided to jump into a neighbouring field! A day and a half later ruby and duchess are back In there original field (much to there new friends dissapointment!). I was faffing with india when there new owner came to thank me for catching her (as I come to realise ... This horse DOES NOT catch!) and after a good 40 mins the result is - I now have a 9 year old thx on free loan with free rein to do with it as I please!! (now my o.h asks me what I was thjnkng when I agreed to this ... She would be something to break and ride while india has her foal and hopefully something to compete in the future!! This was a week ago today!
Now for the past week after eventually catching her (35 mms was our best time yesterday to date!) I've been bringing her in, grooming her, seeing what needs working on (mainly manners - quite bargey but not "bad mannered" she dosent bite or anything, just she's really uneducated. She has been in a field since a 4 year old) however she is very very head shy which I'm working on rewarding her when she is calm when i'm brushing her and stroking her on and around her head!! I've decided to leave it for another few weeks before I start lungeing her as she is quite untrusting so I want to devlop a bond with her before I start! I have been taking her for little walks around the yard, letting her sniff everything and have a good luck at everything!!
So anyway yesterday after bringing her in and grooming her (and letting me brush her head) we went for a walk, and she was very well behaved so we headed to the big field for a mooch round (nothing unusual!). As I opened the gate she was quite calm and waited till I closed it ... Then reared and bronked then started trying to kick me (at this point I was determened not to let go of the little cow)! After one almighty rear, me taking a trip off the ground I ended up in a heap on the floor and she is loose in a 10 acre field ..... I ache something terrible this morning!! After 20 mins of her galloping full pelt backwards and forwards and jumping a barrel (very nicely I might ad ... Defo show jumper potential) she was so tired she let me catch her and plodded out the field like nothing had ever happened! You wouldn't have known anything had ever happened If it wasn't for the fact she was dripping in sweat, caked in mud and I was battered and bruised! After letting her cool down and checking her over she went back in the field and I went to get india in!
so the good part of the day - even in my annoyed and angry state india soon managed to make me feel beter with big hugs and kisses! Now I've been breaking india in for a while and the last time I attempted to ride her she planted herself to the floor and wouldn't move!! After that I went back to basics and started lungeing her and long reining her again!!! I don't know why but after the in incident earlier I decided attempting to ride her would be a good idea! Well what was the worst thing that could happen? So I put her bridle on, jumped on bareback (we don't own a saddle) and after her munching my toes i asked her to walk on ... She did!!! I almost fell off. I had to ask her to stand then walk on again just to be sure she wasn't just going after some grass she has seen! We opened the gate to the big field (just to tempt fate!) and she walked round it, stood when she was asked, did a couple of circles and walked over a pole that was on the ground!!! I could have floated off her back!!! Needless to say she got huge hugs and kisses and a extra couple of carrots In her tea!! I guess the extra time I gave her payed off!!
Sorry for the long story but non horsey friends dont understand so I thought I'd post it on here!! I'm still buzzing and want to go down to see her today but I'm under house arrest! O.H dosent understand its only a cold I'm sure I'll live haha :) x


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Oct 13, 2004
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Hehehe, you could always sneak out........or would he notice??! Hope you're better soon btw - sounds like you can't wait to see your horses again (I'd be exactly the same!)


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Nov 16, 2009
Haha trewsers when he checks on me with his hourly phone calls if in not in bed he will know ... Then I'll be in the bad books and have to cook my own tea tonight ... And I can't be bothered to do that! And as nice as it has been to do nothing all day (and be warm instead of freezing with holey wellies) I would have liked to see india ... And the witch :p she's gunna be a handful!!!! Must get some photos up of her!! Well done btw for getting to the bottem of that essay!! :)


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Apr 9, 2007
:) Nice thread, well done you, and well done for trying to hold on to the naughty girl! Keep going with her, you sound like you've done a great job with India; she sounds like an angel!


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Sounds like an eventful day! India sounds like an angel in the making, and it sounds like the new one is testing her bounderies with you. I'm sure she will come around soon. Would love to see some pics of them.:D

Hope your cold is better soon so you an get back to your girlies.:)


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Nov 16, 2009
India is a little diamond! She has so much character! I managed to take a few good photos of her the other day I'll get them up when my laptop is up and running!! Yes ruby is testing boundrys!! Litle madam she is but with a bit of patience I'm hoping she will come right! She seems like a fast learner and is calming down a little bit but dont be suprised I'd there's another rant on here about her tomorrow! She moves lovely, lots of natural floatyness and extentions ... And a cracking jump! Considering a progress blog for her however I'm sure people will tire of " wouldn't catch, more bruises :p "
again medals for people who made it to the end of that post :) thanks guys xx
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