Food omens!


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Lol, I just can't win, shouldn't moan, but, today as a compromise (Monday is start work at silly o'clock hour and rush about like headless chicken so we ALWAYS have a Maccy D's luncheon!) I thought I'd be "good" and have just a plain burger. No such luck, bless the kind staff they assumed I'd missed it off the order and gave me FRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, tis rude not to eat and be grateful no?!
(Have only eaten a couple!!!!)
Seriously, I am kind of pleased with my weight loss, over the past month have lost just over half a stone, which for me is rather good. Now, it has been achieved I am sure through extra work and exercise, I have more or less continued to eat what I please.
Anybody else ever find this to be so?
Also, (sorry for the rambling musings) but, it's weird about how I feel about my size - some mirrors (literally) make me look fatter than others - does anybody else get this or is it just me ???? (insert embarrassed icon).
I set off today thinking I looked quite slim but looked in a shop mirror to be greeted by a whale. Mind you didn't help as I was surrounded by nymph like young lasses. (And one or two starve yourself thin 40'something types).
Sorry for ramble.


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Oct 13, 2004
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Lol, hoovered the lot!!! hehehehe, I had to be STRONG!!! Same as of an evening, when OH keeps offering me a Black Magic !!! I bought him a box to cheer him up (he's actually not meant to have too much chocolate cos it can cause his migraines to flair up but he's okay if he rations himself!!!) anyway, every night after our evening meal he gets the box out the fridge......I am sooooooo virtuous (not sure how long it will last tho!)


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May 19, 2010
Nr Edinburgh, Borders
Chocs are safe from me. Although I quite fancy a Milky bar and a cup of tea right now.
Its crisps that are my downfall. I have just discovered Walkers French Fries Worcester Sauce. They are to die for!


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Dec 18, 2007
Bournemouth, Dorset
People are naughty arent they - tempting you all the time.

I was really good last week and then husband bought humongous bags of pistachios and fruit and mut and left them lying around so of course every time I walked past....

I think shops are crazy - I always look horrible in shop mirrors. You'd think theyd sort the mirrors and lighting out to be flattering especially in the changing rooms and make people look good, instead its tiny hot cubicles so you're sweaty and shiny and then the glare makes you look lumpy when you're not!

At the end of the day its much more about feeling good and being healthy and as you appear to be doing both, a little bit of what you fancy wont kill you'll but you'l just have to be a titchy bit more angellic tomorrow :angel:

I often think i may be a bit body dismorphic but the opposite way to most people. I think I look fine in the mirror (generally), pick up size 12 clothes and think they look about right and am unhappy with the size of the clothes that actually fit (Im always going 'really?' 'surely not?') but then someone will take a photo of me and I am genuinely shocked by my size!!!!

That said I am feeling great at the mo as have lost 12 lbs, exercising regularly, skin is great, clothes getting too big, fit and healthy and feeling fine! Hoping for another 15 lbs off by Xmas for 2 stone or Ill have a damn good go at it anyway!


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Sep 27, 2007
North Staff's
I totally get the mirror thing. Sometimes I look at myself and think aggh, not that bad after all, then see another one and think f!!! where did that come from!!! Didn't look that bad this morning...!


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Glad it isn't just me with the mirror thing then......and yes, you'd think they'd make them a bit more flattering wouldn't you?! Honestly, I was in Asda last week and I looked hideously lumpy! Fortunately, I know I'm not that bad!!! Making a packed lunch today, so back on track food-wise.........
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