Food diary - one for all of us


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Apr 16, 2009
After all the threads lately about food and MP's comment about writing it down I through I would start this.

Seeing in black and white what we actually eat everyday is a real eye opener that plus a comment on your general mood and how well you have slept plus any exercise. Lets see what the triggers are:

Monday - OBC
Breakfast - breakfast biscuits
Lunch - Small salad
Snack - Banana and harvest snack bar
Dinner - 1/2 a pizza and a yogurt

Exercise - 10K run, 50 min schooling session

Mood - Good but only 4 hours sleep.


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Jun 12, 2009
West Mids
GOOD idea OBC!! :biggrin:

Monday - Vicki100

Breakfast - Cheese on toast
Mid Morning - 4 choccy digestives
Lunch - Mushroom Soup with toast
Mid Afternoon Snacks - Kinder Bueno, Salt & Vinegar Mcoys
Dinner - Nuggets & Chips

Exercise - 15 min dog walk mid day (12pm), After work general horsey things like filling water buckets/ poo picking/ brushing/ picking out hooves and riding Buffy for 45 mins.

Mood - Very good considering I also had 4 hours sleep! :tongue:

Dizzy Woo

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Apr 20, 2008
Monday -DW
Breakfast - two slices wholemeal toast and honey
Lunch - 2apples, banana, Sharon fruit
Dinner - cod, new pots, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower.

Exercise - 3 hour fast hack
Mood - positive, 6 hours sleep :smug:


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Feb 8, 2012
Monday for me

Breakfast- 3 pieces of bread and peanut butter, yoghurt
Lunch- one plain bagel
Dinner- small portion of pasta and bol sauce with salad, apple juice to drink and 5 biscuits after

Exercise- cycled 16miles and a 5k run. Also did an hour and a half of ironing if that counts :p

Mood is okay, bit tired and didn't see my horse today so not fab

I slept quite badly last night, woke up a few times and prob had about 6 hours.


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Apr 23, 2009
Monday for me

Breakfast - 2 x cheese and tomato butties (in toasted gluten free rolls)

Lunch - a whole melon (needed eating) - usually have more than this but didn't really have time for a lunch break at work today as went in late.

Snack when I got home - seed bar with fake chocolate topping, grapes, almonds

Dinner - (gluten free) pasta bolognaise (huge plate) & salad to make it feel less piggy

After dinner nibbles - 3 x chocolate covered rice cakes, more grapes, 2 x clementines

Exercise - brisk walk from car park to work, approx. 1.33 miles and back.

Sleep - broken by stupid hot flushes.

Mood - good considering first day back at work after a week off. Although I didn't get up until 7 am today, will see what it's like tomorrow when I'm back to 5.30 am starts.


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Jul 31, 2005
Breakfast (6.50am), 1oz wholemeal muesli in fat-free greek yoghurt and chopped strawberries. Cup of hot water with fresh lemon squeezed into it.

Mid-morning snack: a banana and a cup of Belgian Choc Options

Lunch: Tinned salmon, tomato, cucumber, mushrooms, beetroot and a Mullerlight Coconut yoghurt. Cup of green tea

Dinner: 2x hardboiled eggs, tomato, cucumber, mushrooms, beetroot followed by more fat-free greek yoghurt with strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.

Another cup of green tea.

Syns for the day: (for my sweet tooth) 2 x Aldi ice pops and 15g of Rainbow drops :redface:

Oops, I've just realised I missed one of my "healthy extra" carbs...

I didn't sleep well. Since I've cut down on the carbs my night hot flushes have pretty much diminshed but yesterday I cheated on SW and we went for an allyoucaneat curry. Although my plate was half full of salad, I did have some rice and a poppadom and I woke several times with flushes so I stuck to salads today to see if I'm any better tonight. I was out at work at 7am. As mentioned in a previous post, our employers moved house on Friday... then went to their home in Italy last night so I was left to clear out the last few boxes, strip their bed etc. I took 4 (estate) car loads of boxes which had to be carried downstairs and then up again at the other end. Finished that at 11. Then went to buy some horse feed and do my weekly shop. To be honest I've had such a busy few days I did something I haven't done for weeks, I went to bed to sleep for an hour this afternoon and feel much better for it. Went to poo pick (stopped at 55 today as wanted to help Sarah lunge Albi as his saddle is now too narrow and needs to be widened)
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Dec 21, 2003
Wouldnt it be more to the point if we wrote our calories (rough count)? This thread could smack of competitive anorexia.


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Apr 15, 2012

Breakfast - special k cereal bar and a 300ml bottle of orange juice
Lunch - gnocchi with green pesto sauce and a handful of salad, fruit salad from works cafe (melon, grapes, pineapple and strawberries)
Dinner - shepherds pie and some steamed veg
Dessert - oat granola with greek yogurt with honey and a small handfull of raspberries and blueberries
Drinks - I had a small glass of innocent tropical fruit juice and probably about 1/2 a litre of diluting juice.

Sleep last night... maybe about 6-7 hours. I really struggled to get out of bed this morning

Exercise - 20min poo picking and 40min riding mainly in trot, canter and jumping. (I'm a scientist so not a particularly active job but I have to check stocks in the main building so I go up and down 3 flights of stairs often and only take the lifts if I need to take a trolley of stuff upstairs!)

I was fairly happy while at the horse but lethargic otherwise

The weather was dry but not particularly sunny.
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Feb 8, 2012
I think its more just to show that when we eat well we feel good and when we eat badly we feel the consequences. Certain foods will make us feel better than others.

And which food/ exercise/ sleep balance helps us feel our best.

Exercising and being aware of what you eat is not anorexic.


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Oct 28, 2004
New Zealand
Wouldnt it be more to the point if we wrote our calories (rough count)? This thread could smack of competitive anorexia.

Think I will join in then! If people are worried this will be a "who can eat the least" competition... well, I'm not afraid of losing :giggle:

Joosie's Monday

Breakfast – large bowl of honey-flavoured cereal with full cream milk (I can't deal with milk-flavoured water lol), mug of tea 2 sugars.

Mid-morning snack – 2 pieces of homemade flapjack left over from show

Lunch – roughly 1/3 of a fresh baguette (sooooo good) with proper butter, slice of ham and a good dollop of coleslaw, then a chunk of brie & picked out the avocado from last night's leftover salad. Apricot yoghurt. Mug of tea 2 sugars, another piece of flapjack.

Mid-afternoon snack – cereal bar with apple, raisins and white chocolate coating

After work snack – chunk of leftover baguette (mostly crust, best bit!) with proper butter, mug of tea 2 sugars

Dinner – turkey teriyaki (strips of turkey marinaded in brown sugar / soy sauce / apple juice / olive oil / ginger, plus big chunks of red pepper) plus vegetable stir fry with spinach, courgette, celery and onion, and pasta with melted cheese mixed in (droooool). Ate a full plate then went back for seconds of the turkey and pasta.

No dessert. Mug of tea 2 sugars to round off the day.

Exercise – on the yard approx. 8am-1pm and 2pm-7pm so a good 10hrs physical work including 10 stables mucked out, 40mins hack with approx. 15mins rising trot, 40min flatwork x 2; also walked up the hill to the yard (x 2) and cycled to Mouse's field and back (1½ km)

Sleep – 6 hours last night. Fairly standard, got up feeling like I could do with another hour, but had a very long weekend at the regional championships so that had to be expected... and thankfully my best friend Tetley is there to wake me up :tongue:

Mood – as good as usual but lacking a bit of “oomph”

ETA if we are going to add exercise, sleep and mood to the mix then I suggest also mentioning something about the weather - surely a factor very connected to diet and mood.

Today here it was sunny with a few cloudy periods and a nice spring breeze.
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Mar 2, 2006

Breakfast: bowl of frosties and a crumpet

Mid morning snack: packet of crisps

Lunch: coronation chicken baguette

Late afternoon snack: packet if crisps

Evening meal: roasted vegetables with chicken and chorizo (cooked by my best friend as I went round for tea)

Late evening snack: two slides toast with Nutella on

I'm staying down at my mums at moment as was in the office all day on a training day, food was supplied yesterday...tbh I would normally eat more and also have fruit.

Sleep: both Sunday/Monday nights Sophie slept 8:30-4:30 with no wake technically I slept well, though being at mums means I stay up to allost midnight talking...meaning I've probably had less sleep than normal!

Mood: happy as got to catch up with lovely colleagues who I rarely see (I am a remote worker, and also on maternity leave even though I am actually working every day and have been for the last 5 weeks). Though I haven't had bread at lunchtime for months and man did I know it, was yawning my head off all afternoon and had a real dip in energy levels!

Exercise: none yesterday!


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Feb 12, 2013

Breakfast was elevenses, 2 slices of toast
Lunch forgot, was about 4pm few chicken pieces
Dinner was 8pm, wholewheat pasta and a couple of tomatoes.

Snacked on half a dozen rich tea biscuits.

Exercise: didnt ride yesterday but manually took down around 500yards of post and rail fencing and pulled out uprights, stacked and then spent 3 hours installing new electric fence.

No alcohol as had no wine in the fridge although I deserved it, hehe!!

Had a good 8 hours sleep sunday night, I very rarely have any sleep problems though.
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Dec 30, 2006
Wouldnt it be more to the point if we wrote our calories (rough count)? This thread could smack of competitive anorexia.

That only works for people that calorie count rather than those who ate concentrating on control or quality of diet. We can't be held responsible for the perceptions of others, just respond to them if raised.

Mary Poppins

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Oct 10, 2004
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Monday 24th June

Breakfast: 2 slices of toast with a little butter
Mid morning snack: pear
Lunch: oven cooked chicken with salad
Dinner: Spag bol with half fat cheese

I normally snack lots in addition to the above, but didn't yesterday.

Sleep: On Sunday night I was up practically all night with my eldest son who had cramps in his body so I had a grand total of 3 hours sleep. I then spent all of Monday running around after my 3 year old who was full of beans and I was exhausted. It took a great deal of self control not to reach for the biscuit jar or have some chocolate, but I feel great that i resisted.

Exercise: 2 miles slow walking on the school run. Rode Ben for 40 minutes of schooling with lots of canter work.

Mood: I was tired all day, but that was from lack of sleep. I felt a little 'half there' and if I hadn't of had my children to look after I would have gone back to bed for the whole day!


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Monday - Trews

One bacon roll from subway with coffee fir breakie
One flatbread with turkey and salad and coffeee for lunch
One bag of Sainsburys Basic crisps
Evening meal - homemade chicken tikka with rice
Handful of dry roasted peanuts as snack
Several weak lagers (well I did have a trauma!!!!lol)

Mood; Very tired and ready for a better day!!
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Jan 19, 2005
I'm currently dieting, but have lost 2.5st so far - however!!! Sunday I had a Chinese ! I Needed it !!! It was very enjoyable and a me treat. I felt so guilty monday!!!

Breakfast 30g dry cornflakes - coffee

Lunch - skipped, was out and went for a pleasant 2mile walk instead pushing the pram.

Tea - large organic salad with cottage cheese and spring onion, and low fat rhubarb yogurt for dessert.


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Jun 1, 2009
Monday - Innocence
Breakfast - 2tbsp of Oatbran and skimmed milk, bottle of water
Lunch - Bernard matthews BBQ turkey chunks and a fat free fromage frais with sweetner
Snack - 3 mint humbugs and a homemade brownie
Dinner - Hot & spicy prawns, steam fresh veg and mushy peas

Exercise - 30 min workout dvd and poo picking

Mood - OK.
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