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Jun 5, 2021
Hi! I’m 18 and started riding last week, does anyone have any tips to help with rising trot?


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Dec 21, 2003
Most beginners will take a few weeks to get the hang of rising trot and will have a teacher to guide them.
Some beginners will start learning in a class. When they can rise to the trot they may be promoted to the next class.
My advice to you is that there is no hurry.

If you breathe deeply and relax when the horse starts to trot, you should feel the trot lift you slightly from the saddle. Rising trot does not mean standing in the stirrups. It means allowing the horse to lift you just a little way. You can rest your hands on the horse each side in front of the saddle and imagine your hips rolling forward between your hands.

If you are learning on the lunge, you will not have to keep the horse moving. But if you are not on the lunge and are on a RS beginners horse you may need to tap your legs or heels on the horse as you sit down to keep the horse moving.

I learn best by watching someone else ride so I suggest you look for videos of people trotting and see if that helps.
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