First SJ Comp this week...Scared!!


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Jun 12, 2009
West Mids
O god what have i got myself in for!!!? :redface:

My lovley friend at the yard invited me to go to a SJ comp on Thursday eve, of course i said yes!!

I have been wanting to do this for a lonnnng time! But feeling quite nervous about it now :unsure:

I have no idea what to expect really, can anyone enlighten me??

I will be going for the smallest class 2'3 as not to drop us both in the deep end, recently we have been jumping 3-3'3 but i think its too risky to do that in a new situation :unsure:

I dont understand why im so anxious really, Finn has really come on leap and bounds with his jumping recently. But im the one who gets nervous and ends up pulling him to a stop infront of jumps *Bad Vicki!* :timebomb:

I think my biggest fear is falling off and everybody laughing, pointing and telling me how crap i am.

Totally unrealisted situation though, but i think thats what makes me most fearfull!

Well also being in the 'unknown' e.g the area,location, exact courses etc i hate not knowing! :redface:

Could someone please put my mind at rest and tell me what exactly happens??

And how on earth are you supposed to remeber the course? I have a good memory but not when im panicky, nervous & excited!!

O god what if i forget the course when im out there! Argggggh! :giggle:

Anyway just so this thread isnt too boring heres a vid from some jumping yesterday :happy:


Sep 20, 2011
Mid Cheshire, UK
Enjoyed watching the video Vic :biggrin: You will be fine on Thursday, don't worry - just go and enjoy it. Look forward to hearing all about it - with pics of course :wub:


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Jun 12, 2009
West Mids
Enjoyed watching the video Vic :biggrin: You will be fine on Thursday, don't worry - just go and enjoy it. Look forward to hearing all about it - with pics of course :wub:

Thanks hun :biggrin: Ohh yes! Pics will be a must! OH is coming along with video camera too! Lets hope i dont embarass myself on film :giggle:


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Oct 28, 2004
New Zealand
Hmm. Well first things first. I follow your videos & your riding is absolutely fine - especially that lovely stable leg position. I really wouldn't worry about falling off!

I suggest you put a neckstrap on him for the competition, and don't be embarrassed to cling on if it makes you feel better :happy: If you're coming into a jump feeling scared & you're worried about pulling him out of the jump because of your nerves - just hook your fingers under the neckstrap, so that you're not tempted to pull back on the reins, and just KICK ON :happy:

Learning the course is a bit intimidating at the first few shows but you'll be surprised how easy it is :) Don't just walk it once - walk it at least 2 times, and even 3 times if you can walk fast enough! At a local level the course will be fairly simple and there will be a logic to it (ie. 2 jumps on one rein, then 2 on the other, etc... if you have jumped 3 jumps on the right rein it will DEFINITELY be time to go left!!). When you're riding it you'll find that it just sort of comes back to you! Plus of course there are numbers there, and most of the time you are likely to be able to see your next one from the one you're currently jumping :)

I suggest you don't warm up for too long - will give you more time to get nervous! - 15 minutes at the utmost, jumps included. Walk trot canter, plenty of transitions and changes of rein, direct transitions (halt/walk to canter), make sure you have his attention. Concentrate on RIDING FORWARDS. Don't do too many practise jumps - I'd suggest a crosspole on each rein, then a couple of uprights, then a couple of spreads, and leave it at that.

Again, in the ring, make sure you really ride him forwards. Enter the ring in a spanking trot and keep him moving until the bell rings. Take a deep breath, pop into canter and off you go. I often find myself going "come on (insert name of horse), let's DO this" under my breath :giggle: As soon as you start jumping you'll be so focused that you simply won't have time to feel nervous! Remember if you approach too slowly / hesitantly you are more likely to get an awkward jump that unseats you - more impulsion makes it flow more and when it flows more it becomes easier to follow the horse :)

And remember it is supposed to be FUN. Doesn't matter if you knock everything down as long as you have a smile on your face while you're doing it :giggle:
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Sep 25, 2007
Your jumping vid is amazing! Good luck and i am sure you will do great! Good luck :happy:


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
No practical advice for you because that sort of thing is waaaaay beyond me but loads of good luck - bet you will be brilliant and enjoy!!


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Aug 22, 2007
echo joosie!!

First and foremost is that you guys enjoy yourself, most of the time the courses are pretty simple and they'll have numbers on. Really good idea to have a neck strap too.

You'll be absolutely fine....unless of course there are no pics, in which case you'll be in serious trouble!!!!!!!!!!! :giggle:


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Jun 12, 2009
West Mids
Thanks so much everyone, i feel alot better about it now thanks to you guys! :dance:

I shall have to dig myself out an old stirrup leather, thanks for the idea :)

Im just hoping there are no mega scary fillers, thats our enemy at the moment :unsure:
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