First In Hand Show


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Feb 15, 2016
I will be taking my friends youngster in hand showing this weekend ( I found out last night!) He is a typical teenager stubborn, and opinionated .(I know the horse very well I look after my friends horses 6 days a week and we have trust and respect (HA MOST THE TIME!!) )

He has moves to die for though!

I will be wearing
Black trousers, white shirt, black waistcoat, black jodhpur boots, black velvet hat silk on my riding hat, and my black gloves and show cane.

I will have his mane natural and his tail natural.
I am not quite sure what to do with his feathers as they have not quite grown over his feet properly( he wasn't handled properly until almost about a year ago. ) Do I trim them? or will the judges be happy with the amount of feather.

It is a local show we are doing

In Hand coloured
Condition and turn out
handsomest Gelding!

with the chance of a sunshine tour place ( Im just wanting to get him out and about and have fun )

He has a bit of problem trotting in hand you have to occasionally give him a tug like your dragging him until he decides this is a fun game then will happily pretend hes a stallion prancing and shorting etc.

I expect him to get very excited during the show day as its all new and I am not bothered about this I just want to show him to the best of my short fat ability and make him look good!!

pictures of the little monster!!! The feathers were just after a attempt at washing them so were still wet

Any advise or help would be much appreciated!!

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