first driving lesson tomorrow, eek!


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Oct 28, 2004
New Zealand
After 6 weeks in my new job I've finally got a spot with a driving instructor and my first lesson is tomorrow. To say I'm nervous is an understatement :confused: but I'm also quite excited to be able to get on with it at last! I had a good chat with the instructor about my concerns and he was very kind so fingers crossed we get on. I just keep thinking about that woman Maureen from the driving school program back in the 90s and really hoping I'm not going to be one of those :oops:
Good luck, I'm sure it will go well. All I managed to do in my first lesson was some moving using the clutch and stalling. Lots of stalling.
I am sure you will have a blast. Just tell me when your lesson is so I can make sure I stay off the lane :p

I remember being very nervous, and it took me a while to learn, but I got there in the end and passed first time. Just keep telling yourself you must do this, stay positive and you will be fine.
Anyone would be nervous for the first lesson. You have all the (horse based) attributes to tackle it well - hand, leg, eye coordination, multitasking, looking ahead, anticipation....It'll be fine. I bet you have jelly legs when you get out of the car, though.
Hope your instructor is more gentle than mine. He made me drive from the outskirts to the centre of Liverpool to do circuits round Sefton Park and then back home again! H presented me to a big, busy double roundabout where I stalled. That was on my first lesson! It was back in 197*cough* though. Good luck.
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Good luck @joosie you'll be fine, it's easy honest. Having said that I had spent most of my youth, riding motorbikes across the fields at the back of our house. As @selside said you already have most of the attributes you'll need from your horse experience. Go enjoy.
I did, and it went well... then I went to a noodle bar for some dinner before my train home and left with a guy's phone number :cool: I'm going to do a diary thread I think to update my progress (on the driving I mean, not the other bit :p)
We all want to hear about the other but as well!