Feeling miserable

I have absolutely no idea what size he is! The only thing I know is he fits the size 6 medical wood boots which are 131-139mm. If you thought that they would fit I would happily buy from you 🙂
Ok, I’ve dug them out, and brought them in.

I have a pair of Size 1 that have seen better days. Haakon dumped his toes walking so wore the toe out. We used car-body filler which worked fine. There is gaffer tape inside So no sharp edges. Not pretty but functional.

i have one Size 2 a friend gave me which was too big for our lot and in better nick.

I enclose Cavallo website measurements.
Let me know if they are of any use to you.


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Top tip on cavallo's you normally have to size down if you fall mid-range into their size chart. I'm currently debating it myself as Monkey measures 135x130 so is on the cusp of 3's or 4's, from experience I think I will end up going with 3's.