Feeding adivice


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May 15, 2024
Hi everyone I have been reviewing my horse feed. my horses is on a equestrian mix 13% protein she gets a scoop at night and she also gets half a scoop of pink mash. My horse is a wb she is 13 she gets a haylage morning and night not a lot because the yard owner is crazy when it comes to haylage. She is a good doer but is currently at a perfect weight. I was considering changing to cool and easy mix since it’s a only 10 percent protein. My question is dos 13 percent protein be to much for a good doer . Would it be healthier to change to a different mix.
Don't just look at the protein percentage, it doesn't tell you much about the complete nutrient profile. Look at if your bucket feed is balanced and compliments your forage (haylage and grass), feed isn't just about body weight!
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Like @Jessey I say you need to look at more than protein levels because protein isn't a reflection of calories or a balanced diet. To see the calorie content look at the DE (digestible energy) figure, that's what will be maintaining her weight. Also look at how much you're feeding compared to the recommended amount, if it's less (and in most cases it is) then she'll probably be lacking some vitamins and minerals and you want to supplement with a general vit & min supplement or a balancer.