Farrier Tools-Testing The Riders Rasp


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Mar 15, 2008
As I like to try new things I bought the "Riders Rasp" I usually buy a bog standard one but my tack store no longer stocks, so-
I opted for the wooden one in favour of the more expensive radius rasp. This is due to the photo that's being shown of a hoof that's had the bars and frog cut off. Not sure on the trim but we are not doing that trim. Not sure what the horse is meant to actually walk on, it has no frog!

I didn't go for the Horsemans Trail it looked too restrictive for me.

If anyone has any of these, join in, good, bad or ugly.

I thought after trying that the reason a farrier uses a rasp, is because it works! I know that's obvious but the RR is designed for in between the farrier.

Photos first, then the pro, con and out of 10 :D 2014-10-10 15.06.27-1.jpg 2014-10-10 15.06.48-1.jpg 2014-10-10 15.07.48-1.jpg
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Oct 13, 2004
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My farrier sold me some old equipment, rasp and those plier thingies to get shoes off with. It was after Joe kept doing himself a mischief with loose shoes hanging off. I don't do my own trims. I wouldn't know where to begin, despite watching the farrier. He showed OH how to safely remove a shoe which is useful.
Those gloves look a bit sinister! Are they those gripper ones for lifting?


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May 18, 2009
I have the radius rasp and love it. Know nothing about the trim you've seen NF just bought it because I'm to useless to manage a normal rasp. All I do is keep the roll on the edges between trims. I didn't like the look of the riders rasp as it has a very sharp angle where as the radius rasp is designed to keep a round edge. It's dead easy and quick to use and is still sharp after about a years use. I like it as it fits in my hand really nicely. I think if you can get to grips with a full size rasp that's best but I can't seem to manage it.


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Mar 15, 2008

This I wouldn't use.


There are two called the Riders Rasp.
The first thing I noticed with this one is its too bulky, you can't really get any weight behind it to rasp. My blunt rasp took more off!
The screws also meant that where I was making contact I had a screw. It may be useful for doing her fronts but nothing more.
There is a German one that looks better so perhaps this is a copy of?

I don't as far as I know do a mustang roll, I just balance and shape with a rasp in between.


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Mar 15, 2008
Just trimmed today and didn't think to get it out of the bag. So that answers whether we needed it or not.
Maybe the cob thinks hum, I will stand politely if the bean is buying in crap ;) She has been a madam.

I would look at alternatives.
10/10 for the idea
4/10 for its practical use, it weighs the same as my rasp and is in fact harder to hold due to the thick wood.

So you find the radius good KR?


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Sep 14, 2009
I have ordered the Radius Rasp last week and waiting for it to arrive. Looks good to me, and shall ask farrier to help me use it. The Riders Rasp had very bad reviews, so didn't go for that.

Have just been today on website of barefoot lady called Lucy Prior. Think she sounds fab, so shall ask for her recommendations for a trimmer here. Her blog is super interesting.
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