Fancy dress ideas anyone?!


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Mar 6, 2007
My daughter is taking the pony we borrow to a show on Sunday and there is a Fancy Dress class. I have never done that or even seen one but sounds like fun. Does anyone have any good but easy ideas for a palomino pony and a creatively challenged mother?!!!


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Mar 6, 2007
Hmm she has lots of Disney princess outfits but the only one with trousers is Jasmine (but then has a cropped top which will be a bit chilly!!)

Other than that we have a Chinese outfit, a vet, a wedding dress, a witch.....

Nothing is giving me inspiration for the horse though?! Don't you have to dress the horse up too - or not?!


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Jun 12, 2009
West Mids
When I was persauded to do fancy dress last minute at a charity show I went to a fancy dress shop, picked up a load of cheapy bright coloured stuff and came up with this....

80's disco dancers haha!! :giggle:

Came second surprisingly :giggle:



Apr 14, 2010
What about Teddy Bear's Picnic? Many (many!) years ago I dressed up as this. I wore a bear outfit- think we got it from a fancy dress shop but you could dress her in brown and fashion some ears and paint on a nose and whiskers. Pony was draped in a piece of checked cloth (picnic blanket would work) which had some paper plates, cups etc glued to it. We came first and I was soooo proud! No pics I'm sorry as it was way before digital photos!

Good luck!
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