Equestrian clothing sites??? Need good raincoat for riding!


May 20, 2017
Hi! Didnt know which section to post this in, but anyway...

I'm looking to buy a few things clothing wise but most importantly a GOOD LONG RAINCOAT! I live in Ireland and it has been very wet these last few weeks in particular, and I would like to not get soaked to the skin when hacking... I would love a polyester/waxed raincoat that goes down near to my knees, or better still a raincoat designed for riding with a hood that accommodates helmets and has a split tail at the back so it covers the saddle. Does anyone know any good equestrian websites that have clothes for riding? Or perhaps you guys have reliable raincoats already, in that case where oh where did you find them? :D

I've found one or two on Amazon but there's quite a limited (and very expensive) selection for women. But I would like something sturdier than those see-through plastic raincoats you get in the pound shop... I may be asking for too much here... We shall see.


May 29, 2017
Same here. I need a lightweight waterproof that covers the saddle. Not a warm winter one though. My Barbour is a bit too short.


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
You won't find one with a hood that goes over a helmet, its very dangerous to wear a hood while riding as it restrcits your sight too much.

I have a country estates long riding coat, its about £40 off amazon and has been great, at such a bargain price too. It has the split back so you can ride in it etc. And only has a light lining so its good for summer showers and to layer up with in winter. I've had mine about 5 years and brought it 2nd hand then, I'll probably invest in a new one this winter :)


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
I have a Shires long riding raincoat and a Jack Murphy one. I prefer the Jack Murphy one as it is knee length, the other one is ankle length and I just don't feel happy riding in it. It has leg straps with velcro but I feel rsstricted and bundled up. Whereas the Jack Murphy one is pretty loose. My lower legs are covered with long boots anyway so I don't really need full length.
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May 20, 2017
@Trewsers thanks a mill, I looked for the Jack Murphy one and didnt have my size BUT it did lead me to a country estate coat which they had in a size 10, a little big, but I dont mind that with rain coats! So I ordered it and should be here next week. Reviews all seemed good, has all the features needed for the saddle. Oddly excited for it to arrive!! It's the small things in life eh
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