End of Era… selling up my herd.

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Jul 13, 2009
Lincolnshire,wheres the hills?
In January this year Mr G and myself split up after 17 years together it was hard for both of us… we remain friends but life has changed for us both. I am still sharing a house till my new partners son moves out in Dec. Today we have discussed the ponies there’s still five in our herd. So 2 I am keeping its all I can afford and 3 will go for sale to hopefully new long term homes.

Where’s the best place to advertise Native ponies these days.

I am sorry you stopped riding but I think for all of us life changes as we get older. Many people give up riding in middle age. But bear in mind that I didnt start till I was 61.
I Would dearly love to ride again but no idea where my confidence would be now after about 4 years out of saddle….. I would need experienced and brave younger sharer me thinks too 🤞🏼
I am so sorry to read this. Can any of the breed societies help? From window browsing (not even shopping!) from my outpost, Horse Quest looks a reasonable site, though word of mouth is probably more reliable in finding the right homes. I wish I were not so far away.
Really sorry you are having to make this decision.

Good ponies will find good homes though. Word of mouth or scouring wanted ads. And i hate to say it but facebook is good for finding local people, or xonnextiona through friends of friends etc.
When I was looking I would go on HorseQuest and Horse & Hound as well as a few local sites.
I Would dearly love to ride again but no idea where my confidence would be now after about 4 years out of saddle
4 years is nothing. I rode briefly when I was 18 and didnt ride again till I was 61.
You give yourself away saying you would dearly love to ride again. You dont forget. If you love being on a horse or ever have loved the feel, start again simply by going to a riding school. See if they have a native you could ride, if natives suit you.
I started with riding at an RS and always have ridden at riding schools, The only time I was unsure, after a really bad accident to a friend, my next RS lesson I was simply led round the school in walk, I progressed to an accompanied hack, mainly in walk, with a few short trots.
Dont try to start riding again as you were when you left off. My advice to you is to go back to square one,
Sorry to hear you have to make such a hard decision. I would so like to have a companion for Hogan, but it has to wait until poor old B goes over the bridge. :(
@Skib people are all different, and for some confidence and ability aren't linked. I've known people with major injuries - broken back, broken pelvis, broken hip - who've got straight back on as soon as the doctor gave the ok (or wouldn't in one case but he carried on regardless) with no issues, while people with just bad bruises have never ridden again despite being good riders up until then.

Confidence is a funny thing, I know I got back on Jim after falls that I wouldn't have got back on other horses if they'd done that to me and I couldn't say why. I've also ridden "problem" horses that gave me a feel that meant they didn't give me a moments doubt, and a couple of patent safety schoolmasters that for some reason gave me a bad feel and I felt unsafe on.

With major changes in her life riding again is probably the least of @Native Lover 's concerns, and if she wants to keep a couple as pets then that's fine. Maybe in the future, maybe not.

@Native Lover I hope you can find them the right homes, and your life settles down again.
If anyone wants to PM me…if you’re looking….Will be 100% honest re my ponies… most of you know my herd they have grown up on this forum…. It’s truly the hardest thing, wanted them to be together forever but life has a way of putting stop to that…..
that's so sad, I know how I feel about wanting to keep mine forever and just hope that i can healthwise. Just so unfair and sad the way life screws things up
Sorry to hear that you have to find homes for some of your herd, although at least you aren't giving up entirely. I hope all your domestic rearrangements work out well for everyone concerned.

I would always use HorseQuest as my first port of call for buying and selling, but in fact I sold Charlie through a local site (the New Forest Equine Directory) and I do suggest that you try local sites if there are any, or Facebook groups for your local area. It's good to know that the horse has not gone far away.
Sorry to hear about you and G, but life is a funny old stick!

I’d likely go through breed societies or breed groups to advertise in the first instance, and word of mouth is probably the best option.