Embarrassing question!


Gracie's mum
Jul 31, 2005
Um... just throwing saddle design into the mix. I can't ride in SC or K&M without getting chafed.

Hope Price

Well known member
Mar 21, 2016
Okay, this is a bit embarrassing and a question I feel I can’t ask my instructor.

We were doing a lot of sitting trot in class last night – so much in fact that I’ve hurt myself in err, umm an intimate female area.

Our teacher is always telling us to tuck our bottom underneath us, but what exactly does that mean? I’ve interpreted it as kind of tilting your pelvis forward, but it shouldn’t hurt down there should it? Am I getting is all wrong?

Everyone else was complaining last night how much their thighs were killing then but all I could think was “never mind my thighs, my **** is killing me!!!!”

Thanks in advance for any help!
so tilting your pelvis forward isn't quite right. Think of bringing your belly button and try to touch it to your tailbone. It's the opposite of arching your back, its engaging your abs as well as protects yourself and makes you a more effective rider!

Dora Hallen

New Member
Jan 27, 2020
Oh yeah, try being a man! Sitting properly is fine for your important parts, but in all honesty, if you're not wearing supportive underwear - you know about it!

Also, needs to be longish in the leg - reach mid thighs - otherwise it all bunches up either side in your groin and that hurts I can tell you.

Jumping is a different story though - its all in the timing. Fold to soon or too late and you spend the remainder of the lesson as Mickey Mouse!

I honestly thought women had no trouble with riding and genetalia! There is nothing there to get in the way! Learn something new everyday.

Its insane how many riders deal with this problem:confused:, men and women! I am one of them and the main reason of all those problems is that we don't wear padded underwear, but we should. Just think for a moment about cyclists, they ride by rule with Culottes (Padded shorts) and the impact is WAY WAY less than the one that we riders suffer in the intimate area.

I got to the point of not enjoying this sport, so I tried some padded underwear but I only liked the designs from www.myridingunderwear.com , this brand is focused on raising awareness about all the consequences of horse riding in the intimate health and the need of wearing padded underwear.

It has really helped me, I hope this can help someone else!:)

They offer Free Shipping, that's a bonus.
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